Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the ninth - the second last

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just got back from dinner with my family. it was grrrreaaaat except for the fact that i had a little fight with my stupid brother. we had arabic food and drank barbican. i thought the food was really great, but it makes me wonder why we were the only customers there. enough about that. i'm almost at the end of the topics. two topics to go! i'm not too happy about it, though. i have kind of fell in love with this blog. coz youths just like me are writing in it, and i can feel what they feel when i read what they have written. it's like we are all friends now [even if i lack confident to comment their blog]. why do i keep getting distracted here?? let's get on with it. so what's the topic for today?

the 9th topic is.... brands!

okay so i've heard so many people say that drinking brand's innershine is good for your body. plus, it's really delicious. kidding!

so. lets get on with the questionssss...

to be frank, brands are not that important to me. as long as the product is great, i don't really care whether it's from thailand or china or whatever. for example, i recently bought a pair of skinny jeans online. it was really cheap! i can't remember what the brand was, 'jia hou' or whatever, but my friends loved it as well! and just the other day my dad bought me this cotton t-shirt that was really comfy and stylish at the same time. he bought it in thailand for about rm10 or so [i think]. it didn't even have a brand! brand does not play a big role in my shopping life. but, great brands do have great products. it's what makes it a great brand after all. so brands are not really important to me after all. the quality, on the other hand, does.

i think, all brands stand up for something. you know, for example some brands represent urban life, some represent vogueness, and some brands represent a casual and relaxed lifestyle. they show it through their products. the style that they offer defines the person who wears it. in my opinion, that is. some of the brands that are the best in communicating with youth are forever 21, roxy, zara, mango, esprit, and lots of other brands. i think that they know the latest styles of youth today, they know what we're looking for, and they certainly know what we love. they offer the greatest trends of clothing and accessories that can be worn many ways and in many styles. i would say the same thing about nokia, sony ericsson, apple, and blackberry phones. they have the functions and the styles that are cool, funky, and useful at the same time.

i like this advert because it is an honest one. the image is exactly like a real big mac. some shops put really pretty images up in their store yet their products look nothing like the pictures. if you have the guts to hang a great picture of your product on the wall, then you gotta have the quality. don't just talk the talk. plus, a big mac tastes exactly like we imagine it when we look at this photo. nothing less. no lies. in fact, it tastes BETTER.

i like this one because it looks really cool. besides that, it gives customers some ideas on how to wear their products in style. they combine a lot of their products, and look at the results: absolutely gorgeous!

answering the next question, yes, there are brands or products that i am embarrassed of using. brands such as 'NOKLA' or whatever other fake brands that are copying successful companies. firstly, how will you ever succeed if you keep copying others? be original. be true. i'd rather buy products with no brand rather than buying fake ones. why is brand so important to you anyways? [asking myself as well] i don't know, really. i honestly don't know.

okay. religion does NOT influence my choice of brands; it only influences my choice of products. for example, i will not choose food products that contain pork or alcohol because i'm a muslim. as for fashion, i usually buy things that will cover most of my skin. i do love to be in style [even though i can't afford it]. so i look for clothes that are stylish yet covers my skin. for example, if i like a tank top, i will wear it with a cardigan so that it will cover my arms.

where do i find information about products that i love? by going to the shops, of course. AND by reading magazines [CLEO, to be exact]. and rarely through friends.


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