Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Is branded brands important to you?
what does brand represent you?

sometimes yes and sometimes i don't give a damn about it.
i care about brands kalau jelas2 logo kat my shirt yang this brands is totally ciplak.
like NIKE at my chest turns to
if jenama yang tak berapa popular.
but the outfit are very comfy and aku tak kisah sangat nak pakai.
and if the branded one are more tahan lama.
so i rather choose the branded one.

sometimes brands can represent me as a sports man.
or a ruggers.
bukan nak bangga diri but with my body yang agak tegap ni.
and obviously i play rugby.
so i usually wear jersey,shirts and short from rugby brands.
like nike,canterbury,and carisbrook.
i like this brands.

Are there any brands that you think
stand up for something that you agree with?
what brands do you think are the best
at communicating with youth?
what do they do that gets your approval?

ada satu brand ni.
ade angan2 nak beli jugak la.
with their new ideas

haha. i wish my house ada air-conditioner,washing machine and refrigerator
with this brands and technology.
yarh.this brand stands up for environment.
with the eco ideas.we can help earth.
the product also jimatkan tenaga and harm-free.

the brand that are the best at communicating with youth are.
Celcom i think.
with the package called S.O.X and U.O.X.
the holder of this package also get a lot of promotion
and advantages to all youth thingy festival.
like youth 10'.wink!:)
the call and sms rates also very low.
celcom connected youth very well.

Tell us your favourite brands
and why?

this brands have a lot of cool outfits.
and ade banyak kali sale pulak tu.:)

sama gak macam bossini.
cool and banyak sale

it keeps my tooth and gum healthy.

Onitsuka Tiger
i just love the design.
hope can get banyak2.

Can you upload two advertisment
that you like
and tell us why do you like it?

this is Black Eyed Peas's I gotta feeling Chicago Flash Mob.
awesome huh.
bukan sikit but i think thousands yang buat ni.
imagine how they can cooperate and planned to done something amazing here.
itu namanya perpaduan.haha.

Nike-Write the future.
since now World Cup fever is getting hotter.
so this advert sesuai sangat.
so menarik and suspen.
the moral behind this iklan is.
whatever we do.think ahead.
and apa2 salah yang kita buat.tebus balik.
it's worth it.

Thomas and Uber cup 2010.
Malaysian spirit mehhh.
apa yang menarik is.
dah ada teka teki baru.
this is the answer to my previous teka teki.
cari orang main badminton kat RM5.:)
sori terlebih adverts.

Are there any brands or product
that you would be embarrassed of using
or being associated with?

of course semua barang kewanitaan.
like tuala wanita
one more.
barang yang haram for my religious la ofcourse.
lagipun banyak lagi barang yang kita boleh guna kan.:)
and aku rasa lebih bangga kalau dapat jadi model barangan tempatan.
and iklan die worldwide.fuhhhh!:)

Does religious effect your choice of brands?

but taklah ketara sangat.
for me kalau barang yang haram like alcohol.
and non-halal food.
senang actually.
lagipun this is Malaysia lah
everybody respect each others.
mesti ada sign non halal punyer lah.

kalau about boicott thingy tuh.
aku check dulu lah.
if the company dah jadi hak milik malaysia sepenuhnya.
so i can use it regularly.
lagipon tak keluar tv pon.
newspaper pon takde.
tapi aku buat ape yang termampu lah untuk support that campaign.

Where do you find the information
about the product that you like?

most of it.
online lah.
from facebook,blog,google.
also my friends.
and also tv and newspaper.
i can get it from many source lah.hehe.

free2 do visit my blog.


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