Monday, May 24, 2010


Salam and good evening peeps!

B.O.B's Nothin' On You feat. Bruno Mars

To keep myself entertain, I usually listen to new, current songs, read books and sometimes watch TV.

Since my mom unsubscribed the Astro services a year ago, our so-called entertainment has been very limited. Though we have no Astro, we still have the Internet and game consoles to keep ourselves entertained.

I'm not much of TV a person. But I do watch a few shows like American Idol, House, Chuck, Ugly Betty and a few other TV series. Since most of these shows aren't showing on our local channels, I usually watch it online, download it or take the episodes from my friends.

And I loooooveeee to watch Korean dramas on stream. Its faster that way since we can't get the latest K-Drama on Malaysian TV. :/

Super Junior's Bonamana

I'm more of a music person rather than a fashion girl. I'm no fashionista I tell you. But music is like everything to me. For the bands/singers/groups that I like, I'd keep myself updated to their new songs and activities through their official websites, a few fan-based websites and friends.

My all-time favourite band is Coldplay! To me, Coldplay's music is very unique and if you listen to their album, they will only focus on certain themes in their music.

Coldplay's Fix You

I also like to listen to The Killers, The Strokes, Duffy, One Republic, and Silverchair. Not forgetting, Sami Yusuf's songs as well. I like his song as it calms me down while listening to it.

OMG! I forgot to mention that I'm a BIG fan of Super Junior and Big Bang! Hehe. :D

And to keep myself away from boredom, I'd read books. You should see how many books we have at home. Tu pon ada yang dekat rumah Nenek la, kawan pinjam la.

I spent a lot of my money on books and I think that's the only thing that my parents won't nag me for if I beli banyak-banyak.

G-Dragon's Hello feat Sandara Park

Ever since I finished my foundation, I've finished reading more than 20 both Malay and English books. Yeah! Gila kan.

My last three books was:

I love Hlovate's novels. Though I don't read Malay novels that much, but her books are nice to be read.

Darren Shan... I've never read the book before when my mom bought it for my brother. Thought it was boring. But after I watched the movie, I've decided to read the whole vampire collection. :D

Coelho has been my favourite author since I was 15. I love The Alchemist the most. :D

I can sit for hours at MPH or Borders just to find books. ;P

That's about it I guess. Have a nice day.