Saturday, May 29, 2010

Due date?

Day 8: List down your favourites

Q1 : Tell us about 3 things that you have seen, read or listened to recently that you love and have recommended or share with others (in Facebook, face to face conversations, online, etc)?

Heart Heart Heartbreak by Boys Like Girls. I think it's a really good
pop-rock song. It's the song I play to myself when I'm down or heartbroken.
I've shared it with many of my friends. I think some of em even
got annoyed from me asking them to listen to it.

There also was this story about a Japanese girl that I spreaded to my
friends. I read about it from my friend originally and it was horrifying.
The girl was brutally tortured for about 40 days so? They have detailed
descriptions on how she was tortured. She was raped, beaten up
and many more. The worst part was, the killers never got caught!

That's all I can think of at 7 in the morning...

Q2 : What is on your ‘must see’, ‘must do’ and ‘must have’, list for 2010?

Must See;
- Boys Like Girls (again)
- Hollywood Superstar
- Myself smiling after each SPM paper

Must Do;
- HUGE gig
- Study..
- Get on newspapers/magazines
- Drive

Must Have;
- 4th Generation iPhone
- iPad
- Marshall Guitar Amp
- Apple Cinema Display

I'm gonna stop there for the 'Must Have' because I can seriously go on

Q3 : What is your favorite outfit/set of clothes at the moment, please send us pictures and tell us why you like them.

I guess it's plaids/chequereds with jeans? Here's some shots

I like wearing them because it looks very, country rock? Haha. I can imagine
a girl answering this question and writing it 10x longer.

Q4 : Put picture and show us your top favourite gadget, collections, toys, things or any items that you can't live without and tell us why

Oh this is simple, the most important one is my iPhone. Everything is in it, I can
live without my MacBook but not without my phone. My contacts, pictures,
movies, games, and many more are on that device! I use it to get things from
eBay, go online, email, GPS and so much more. I don't know if I'd be
the same rocking person today if I didn't have it.

Next would be my guitars. They're my rocking tools. I also play them
to release stress. My mum once got worried because I played the guitar
too much during PMR. Guitars are definitely the best musical instrument ever.

I can't live without my music either. Oh wait, it's in my phone too...

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