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we have like around 3 days left
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so this time its about


I believe that i have three favorite series that i enjoy very much. each one has a different way of storyline and each one has a unique plot that creates an aura of suspense and off course thrill. i actually prefer series that has a whole lot of mysteries to discover, we tend to be more eager about the plot and offcourse we tend to follow the series more and more..


house is a tv series which portrays the life of a doctor. we could see the way they diagnose their patients and how hard it is to identify a certain disease based on the symptoms only. the romance element between GREGORY HOUSE and LISA CUDDY is also another thing that people find interesting. how will Dr.House who is well known for is jerky attitude would win the heart of the ever busy Dr.Cuddy. well, why dont you look it up yourself. then you will understand my decision making it #1 most favorite tv series..

2# CSI

before house, CSI was actually #1 on my list. but even so it fell down the chart, it does not mean i dont enjoy it. i do, infact i think that its the most suitable tv series to be aired. why? because the message is clear, the thrill and suspense is way beyond the valley of excellent and its suitable for all ages.. the programme was later divided into 4 individual series, there is CSI:Crime Scene Investigation, CSI Miami, CSI New York and CSI Las Vegas. to me, all the series are worth watching and is just as interesting as the other..


as a kid, i always imagined myself having superpowers,thus i believe HEROES had actually brought my imagination to reality. this series tell us a story of mutated human beings trying to live their lives as normal individuals. having gone through a lot of hardship and ordeals, they were somehow discriminated by the society . they had to battle their way to survive and in the same time try not to hurt others with their ability. Sylar, who is the main antagonist has the power to absorb other mutant's ability by killing them and sucking up their brain. so , these group of "special humans" need not only have to fight the society but also those from their same kind. and yes it does have a little similarity to X-men hahaha.

Music is one of my main passion while fashion is not really my thing, i do watch out for new fashion trends but i am not that obsessed with it. i dont really mind about what i wear as long as it looks decent and nice. Music in the other hand is a very very important issue in my life, i believe that it is one of the best way to sooth one's soul and relax one's mind. I get myself myself updated via radios usually. i mean when they start to promote then i'll try their recommendation and if it seems nice, its the right choice for me then..:)

however , despite my differences,
i do believe that music and fashion should never be separated .

I am kind of picky on my music choices, i hate metal music (no offence to the metal lovers) and prefer rather slow acoustics types of music or better known as synthpop music. But i dont really have personal band favorites, i believe that i like their song, not the artists themselves. so i guess that explains why i couldnt really talk about my favorite band. however, as long as their music is nice and relaxing i find it good music.for example....

yeah, i totally enjoy their songs
the best thing is their songs are totally chick magnets
so when you have the control of the "magnet" you have control of them haha.

Books are also a best friend of mine. i dont know why, but i just enjoy reading too.. through reading, you could spend a good part of your free time with improving your language and getting new knowledge about the world. they say that books are the key to every successful life. i have no idea the truth of the statement but i guess, that statement somehow rather motivates me to keep reading.
Recent books i have read?? your kidding me, you really want me to post the contents of my PHYSIOLOGY, ANATOMY , HISTOLOGY and ORGANIC CHEMISTRY books?? hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha.. lol!.

i guess its been quite some time since my last decent book. i mean in this course of medicine and dentistry, you practically have no time to read other books besides than the academic related. but i guess to answer you question i would say these three books:

"The Pillars of the Earth"

"World without end"

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"

and oh yes, i actually joined this team to write a book about the lives of medical and dental students here in jordan, the title is "Kot Putih". we actually gathered the stories of the Malaysian Medical Students in One book with the title.. If luck is on our side, Karangkraf would like to have a go for it. lets just wish us luck.
this is how our book looks like:

well i guess that basically sums up my topic for entertainment. stay tuned for the next post on "my favorites" , same blog , same url and offcourse the same blogger. haha

till we meet again.. [-_-]

Op uLyA aQaMaH BiN Op HuSaMuDiN

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