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Entertainment For Your Entertainment

Entertainment is a very subjective matter. What is entertaining to one may not be entertaining to others. Many people stay up all night to watch football, whereas I can literally fall asleep before the match has even begun. On a more gruesome note, serial killers may find murder entertaining, while most of us can hardly imagine it. I find web design really fun, but my lecturer can be heard exclaiming, "That petty semi-colon was the thing that ruined my entire site?!"

Oh, and, while many of you can immerse yourselves in the world of comic books for days, I'll die even if one comes near me. Comics are boring, novels rock my socks. Now flame away.

Which are your favorite TV shows and how do you watch them (TV, Youtube, download, friend, stream)?

The Nanny (TV)
I've watched like six reruns already and I'm still laughing! This show is what makes what I just said above totally irrelevant. It is THE entertainment for everybody and anybody.

Merlin (download)
First of all, I must say that I'm in love with everything medieval. Their costumes are SO awesome and their custom and accents can make my heart melt. I just love their lifestyle then; slow, peaceful and with the most handsome princes. I wonder if all the princes are really that handsome in the past. I mean, all princes portrayed in movies are always drop dead gorgeous. Like the one in Merlin. If I ever get to travel through time in the future, I'd be really disappointed if I find a prince that looks like an ogre. But there must be some truth to their looks, right? I mean, how can hundreds of movies and TV shows be wrong? I think I'm in denial. No, wait. I can't be in denial because there is nothing to deny because there is still a chance that the princes in the past are really handsome.

I really should stop before I blabber more nonsense.

The Legend of Aang (TV and download)
Anyone who knows me would know that I hate watching anime, because to me, anime = manga = comic = don't like. But when I was bored one day, I turned on Nickelodeon to see if Fairly Odd Parents were on. They weren't, so I watched this. The storyline rocks and I have downloaded all the seasons, which took up few gigs of my hard drive. I've yet to complete watching it, but I plan to one day.

The Oprah Winfrey Show (TV)
This show is kinda cool because it gives me lots of general knowledge. But I don't like it when she invites celebrities and also the days when she does home design because I lack interest in these areas. I also don't like when she interrupts her guests because then what's the point of inviting guests? Who's listening to whose talk?

Do you like music and fashion? Where do you learn about new trends in music and fashion (from friends, celebrities, magazine)?

Admittedly, I'm not one who's crazy about music and fashion. But of course, one has to wear something and have something to listen to on the one-hour journey to college. As I've mentioned in my first post, I love to wear what I think looks good, not what people think looks good, i.e., I don't follow trends. Just as an example, let me describe what I wore to college today. I chose a white blouse with a zip, two huge elegant-looking buttons and huge elegant collars. The blouse is also short so that it matches with the office pants I'm wearing which has a high waist-line. As for shoes, I wore a 3-inch black heels with straps around my feet. I left my hair flowing with just a pin to get my annoying fringe out of the way. I guess I dress the way I dress because I think that what may look good on others may not look good on me, so why not have a style of my own?

As for music, I prefer the more sentimental songs as compared to rock ones. I don't really choose which artist to listen to because I choose the songs, not the person who sings it. I may like certain songs out of an album, but the rest my be really horrific to listen to. Again, I don't follow trends here. I don't even care if I'm the last person ever to have listened to the song. I just have to love the tune of it, that's all.

Please tell us about singers and bands you are into, and why do you like them? Where do you get most of your music? (download, buy CD, take from friend, etc.)

I found this Gothic metal band a few years ago which I really like - Within Temptation. As scary as the genre may sound, the tune is actually awesome! The lead vocalist is Sharon den Adel and her voice is better than all the American Idols combined. The notes she can hit are so high I think even metal can shatter.

The lyrics on the other hand can be quite eerie as it's quite pessimistic as it often times talk about shattered hearts and how the world is going to end. But the tune is so good that I can totally ignore what the lyrics say, even if it talks about sending angels to hell.

I get most of my music through downloading. I mean, seriously, who in Malaysia doesn't? A diagram to ponder:

Do you enjoy reading books? What are the last three books you have read?

Is this question even necessary? Doesn't my huge, multi-storey home library already explain my love for books?

Kidding. Of course, if I really wanted so many books, I'd just go to the bookstore and sit there all day. Those places are sort of like libraries without a membership fee. I'm still kind of a romance novel person, despite my age. Plus, I also love reading about fantasy, because I just love to imagine how our world would be like if these fantasies were real.

Latest books I've read:

1. The Secret

First off, I must say that this is quite an expensive book, even when I got it at the MPH warehouse sale. This book basically talks about believing what you want to achieve and the force of the universe will ultimately guide you to your dream. I feel that it is quite repetitious throughout as it mostly revolves around the same point, 'believe that you can achieve whatever you want'. Nonetheless, it is quite a good read as phrases from it will somehow pop into my mind when I'm being pessimistic.

2. Vampire Kisses

Okay, I understand that the question says 'three books', but I feel that these 3 should be considered as one since they are so short individually and the story has continuation. Anyway, the story is about a girl called Raven who likes everything Goth - black platform boots, black lipstick, black blouse, black skirt, black everything. Kind of like me, except I do wear blouses of different colours (though, I only wear black pants, shoes and hair accessories). Then there's this hot guy (of course he has to be hot, else no one would read the book, right?) who moved into her 'dullsville' who was all Goth too. Then she fell for him, he fell for her and she finally discovered that he's a vampire.

Yeah, I know. Typical of vampire stories, so much so that I can make it up without buying the book. But I just love to read how different authors describe their fantasies differently, which sort of fuels the details of my imagination.

3. Night World

I've only read these two books of the 10 in the Night World series. There are three stories in each book which are completely independant of each other. All kinds of fantasy creatures are featured in these stories; angels, werewolves, vampires, witches - you name it, they have it. Though, I doubt I'll get another book in this series because I think the stories are too short. I prefer long stories with hundreds of chapters because I don't like stories to end. Like TV dramas, I feel sad when a good story ends. Nobody wants a good story to end. If it's possible, I'll want to follow a character throughout his or her life and read about the obstacles he/she have to face. They should also write eternal novels for immortal creatures!

What/where do you find new information about entertainment that you like?

The internet is definitely the best place to find anything. It is like a combination of all the newspapers and magazines in the world. Besides, online information is usually released way before a magazine or a newspaper is published. If you like a certain artist, you can just subscribe for e-mail updates at the artist's site and get free lifetime updates in your e-mail. There should be no reason at all for anyone to buy magazines and waste trees anymore.

Till the next post comes, enjoy!

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