Wednesday, May 26, 2010


TV has a lot of influence in my life. From teaching me English to motivating me to take up law. I remember my first favourite TV show, it's Mind Your Language. It's about a bunch of people from totally different ethnic and cultural backgrounds gathering up in a class to learn English, every class was total chaos.

That's the first, if we're talking all time favourite, I have three. Boston Legal, The Simpsons, and Fairly Oddparents. In that order. Those shows helped me through tough times. Of course, I watch most of them via television but now I try to wth them in Hulu and short clips in Youtube. Here are a few clips that speaks for themselves.

Boston Legal won James Spader numerous Emmy Awards. Not hard to see why.

What's great about The Simpsons is all those dark undertones about religion, politics, corporations, etc that flows along with the comedy.

The Fairly Oddparents always makes me laugh with it's over-the-top comedy that's heartfelt at the same time.

Fashion and trends... I like em, sure. But I think my mother knows more about that than I do. I don't keep myself updated with trends or anything of the sort. I go out mostly with shorts and flip flops. The most important thing is smelling good. I'd save for perfume, but not shoes or shirts or anything else. My mom likes to watch things on design and fashion so when she has control of the remote, then I have no choice but to watch and get some exposure to the fashion world. That, and because I watch Ugly Betty.

Most of my entertainment news I get from leeching in girls conversation and browsing through magazines in shops or at a friend's house.Very resourceful of myself.

I don't really have a favourite band. I'm universal, I just listen to any good music I can find. From Snoop Dogg to Taking Back Sunday. I have full albums of Fall Out Boy in my phone. My uncle bought them and I just converted them to MP3 using my iTunes. I used to have an Ipod but I had to sell it because I was starving that other day. You'd be surprised how fast those things sell. For other music, I tend to download or get it from friends.

Just some of the people in my playlist...

Some songs you really need to 'layan'

Taking Back Sunday - Sink Into Me
Snoop Dogg - the Next Episode
Josh Groban - To Where You Are

I generally like books, but not novel. No personal grudges here. I just have an immensely short attention span. Today chapter one, tomorrow forgets chapter one. Nevertheless, I do enjoy reading non-fiction books. Here are the three last books I've read..

Secrets and Lies, The Malay Dilemma, Business for Beginners

I'm fascinated by secrets and lies we generally led to believe. I'm just reading The Malay Dilemma to figure out what is so bad about the book until it got banned and the author suspended from a political party. Also, I wanna learn some theories about business before I swim with the sharks (again)

I tried reading The Picture of Dorian Gry, it's superbly fascinating! But too bad for my ttention span. I'm on page 60 now. Should be able to finish it by September. If only I could find the book..

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  1. zomgosh, I can't find my copy of Dorian Gray ANYWHERE too! lmao