Wednesday, May 26, 2010

most fav topic ! online! agree? :D

how many hours do i go online everyday? what do you usually do in the online world?

> since im currently waiting to enter uni , i have all day long to online ! weeee~! 6 hours i guess? or more. hahaha. not less than that. i hope that im not addicted to "online world" :D

> what i usually do? im not an active blogger so i rarely go here. hehe. top of the list, facebook-ing! (i dumped friendster for facebook XD) hahahaha. 2nd twitter. 3rd, veoh/utube. then i'll check my email. email seems the last. hahaha.

When you go online and interact with other users, do you use any nickname/alias profiles online? Tell us why you use it or don’t use it.

> i used my real name ! im not ashamed by my own name ;) i find it difficult for me to search for my friends that were using their "alias name" =.= makes my life difficult ok. so i dont want to do the same to other. so i used my real name. complete with my father's name. so that they would know that it was me and wouldnt confused me with others. hahaha. so i put my father's name. heheh.

Have you become good friends with people you first met online? Tell us stories of how you make friends in the online world. How do you know whether to trust them or not?

> so far, i havent. mybe in the future. who knows. since i only approve ppl that i know as my friends. and i dont randomly add ppl. hahaha. privacy is important to me. :)

Tell us if your parents monitor what you access online? Is it effective, or do you know ways around the controls? What do your parents think about you going online all the time?

> thank god their not. hahaha. how am i suppose to explain that i always playing online games if they monitor me XD hahaha. they wouldnt say much since im doing all the "online things" inside my room and doesnt bother them. haha. but they would say "dont go online so many times for one day. or your eyes going to be like your siblings." well, its true. since im the only one left with good sight in my family. they want to maintain that. haha. thats why i'll take a break to relax my eyes when i go online :D heheh. hope that works for me.

Do you think the online world has made you to become more disconnected with your friends?

> not at all !! since all of my friends have theirs online accounts. if not facebook, twitter. it makes things easier. we can share photos through online and save it on our own :) if we dont have credit to reply each other text msgs , we can always tell each other through online :D see... we even can save up credits ! we can also webcam-ing to connect with each other since we all start to apart to continue our study. its fun too ! :)

thank you for spending your time reading this. im sorry if its "boring" :)

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