Wednesday, May 26, 2010


money makes the world go round.
true, true. in these days, without money we can go nowhere. money guarantees happiness to some people. it is also the same in my case. money certainly is important for me, without it my parents could've not afford to give us proper education, shelter, cloths and food. without it, life would be hard. we'd be eating cucumber everyday. even cucumber's expensive these days.

my mum a part time housewife, part time teacher, the pay isnt much but it is enough to pay for grocery shopping and my kid brother and sister's revision book. im grateful for that. my dad's the real backbone of our family. he works hard to gain money to pay for everything we have today. thank you abah and mak for that, we as your children appreciate it much and will soon repay your deed.

much visit to baskin robbin for ice cream treats doesnt make any different for when you ask for a job at baskin. eat as many pint of ice cream you want, but if the job isnt meant for you then you wont get the spot still. well, i applied there but until now i've never heard any news from them. that's my second job application that got rejected. haha. so much for making money, getting part time job to satisfy my shopping craves. nevermind that, i've accept the rejection already and dont worry i dont hold a grudge against you baskin robbin. all is good, all is cool. (nasib baik ice cream kau sedap kalau tak memang aku ban sampai esok. haha)

no money no talk yea.
im always the kind who spend spend spend every penny every cent there is in my wallet, that isnt a good thing when it comes to things that i want like gila la kan? so usually, for super important duper expensive stuff, i'd save up a bit and do a loan with ahlong. no, no. you get that wrong. i mean along, my eldest sister. she's a real money lender, that usually (only actually) works when she just got her paycheck, all rich she smells like rm100 notes. at that moment, like king midas everything she touches turns into gold. haha.

no play makes jack a dull boy.
in work, you have to be discpline. when it's time to work, you work lah. be punctual, dont procrastinate your work. work ethic is important, do everything right and you just might get to be employee of the year. yeehaa lah. it's important that everyone have a work ethic and follow it so that your future will be brighter and you'll get to live prosperouslyyyy.

well im ignorant i dont know much about economy. what i heard from a friend is that US is having economy problem and for that it had affected the economy in Malaysia as well. as to what's in the news, our economy's starting to improve. it's weird thou, during the economy downturn, of what i see in shopping malls during that time it doesnt seem like we're having any economy issues. everyone's spending money like they grow on trees. anyone has an asnwer to that?

move over, i want your job!
ice cream connoisseur.i scream for ice cream, you scream for ice cream, we scream for ice cream! who doesnt love ice cream. imagine creating your own flavor of ice cream, it's just perfect. it's fun experimenting with food. i always wanted to do that. to get a flavorful ice cream by mixing chilli and lemon. who knows it might turn out perfect. but that's just an example. you dont really have to put those things in your ice cream.

achitect. my drawing might not be pretty, but well i like imagining things. like how my house would look like. i've had a drawing of how my future house would look like for future reference. thinking ahead is good. hehe.

do you want my job?
dato B: would you like to be a politician someday kid?
A: ahh, no thank you.

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