Saturday, May 22, 2010

everyone needs friends ! :)

Tell us who are your best friends and why do you like to hang out with them and the activities you all frequently do together.

this picture was taken last year for fun :D no special occassion. not really actually. it was for one of my class "IT genius". he wanted to make a video of our class, and he really did. the four of us(me, apid,zeema and elyna ) always spend time together at school . its bcause our seats in the class was not far from each other :D :D i seated at the back of apid and zeema. elyna is just opposite mine. see? not far away right? hahaha. now, all the 3 of them went to matriculation and i dont. my mom wants me to wait for maktab :) so i dont which left me the only one of us didnt go there. at first it was sad bcause it was ONLY me that doesnt go there but im glad i didnt now. bcause i realised that i dont want to study sc anymore :)

this were a picture of me with elyna ( at the centre ) with some special team to train dogs. we were suppose to bbq but we go wandered around and met them. hahahaha. then we bbq. after wandering around the beach :D

a picture of farewell :) bfore they left for matriculation. only four in the pic didnt went to matriculation.

i rarely went out with my friends but once i went out with them, i will have fun to the fullest. heheh. i remembered one memory that when we played bowling. some friend make jokes( i couldnt remember what joke it was. hahaha ) . it was my turned when they make the joke. i was holding the ball. there it was. i throw the ball backward(not my aim of course). it was because i let go of the ball and it roll backwards itself to the stairs. u can imagine the sound it makes. there were many ppl there bcause it was friday. *shame shame* haha. my friends still remembered those incidents. hahahaha.

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