Saturday, May 22, 2010

ambition and success.......

i dont have any big success so far. just a small success that only me can be proud of. haahaha. before i didnt take my life seriously. but after i received my spm result, everything changes. my point of view of everything. its not that my result is too bad to be so sad but i want to do better next time since my result is not too good, not to bad :| i am disappointed in myself plus the blame that ppl put on me for that result. enough of the " sad moment " :D

im active in gerko. heheh. theres something that i can share bout it. im really active in scout. whos scout here?! :D scout taught me alot of things. be kind to others etc. u know. something that we should do to others. hahaha. we won 1st place in gangshow for teens category , 2 times :D .

to be honest, there is not many major success or minor succcess in my life right now :( but after this i will succeed ! i want to take my life seriously. hopefully i will get to share with u again next time :)

How do you define a ‘successful person’?

for me, a successful person is someone doing something that they love and they have passion doing it. in other word, having a career that they doing it because they love it not because of money and all sort of things. no carreer is better than having ur own hobby as ur job. this kind of person succeed in life :) he or she working but at the same time, happy.

pray to god to guide you where you should go , and he will guide you

What inspires you? Do you have any role models?

my role model is my own parents. they start from scratch and now they succeed in their life. they both doing what they love to :) dont forget god :) everything comes from him.

Do you have any ambitions?

of course i have. we all have ambition :) dont we? i want to open a cafe :D if its possible. hahaha. i want to have the neccessity. cars, house etc. hahaha. i just want to live a simlpe life yet, happy :) i want to be an accountant but local uni doesnt offer me that. since i manage to get intrvw for mktb, i will wait for the result. who knows, my destiny is to be a teacher. hahaha. if i dont get it, i will go to ipts taking account ! yayy!

What three ambitions/goals have you set yourself for the next year, the next five years and your life?

for the next five years, i want to have degree ! no matter what profession i enter XD heheh. i have change my point of view for every aspect of my life. so will do my best no matter what ! :)

for my life... i havent decide yet. but for sure, i want to be a role model to my family. i want to serve god for sure by doing good deeds :D :D doing charity work etc.

ok. im done for this post :) see u next post ! have a nice and happy day ppl ! -easterly-

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