Saturday, May 22, 2010

Going strong!

Day 3: Ambition & Success

Q1 : Share with us any success or achievement stories you have got so far, whether it is big or small

Let's just go with the little things, the number of times I performed this year so far has
beaten all the other years. I like performing, as a band. Playing the music for them to hear.

It's a really great feeling on stage I tell you, I still do get nervous before going up. That leads
to the next achievement. I used to be nervous on and off stage when performing.
But the experience has calmed me down, I still do get nervous mind you. Just before the
gig I'll just sit alone and listen to my iPod of go on FB to calm myself down but that's
about it, and when I go up stage, everything just fits into place.

Q2 : How do you define a ‘successful person’, what are the elements that make someone successful? Tell us why.

To me, a successful person is someone who;
1 - Doesn't have to work in an office 24/7
2 - Loves doing his job
3 - Have lot's of friend/family
4 - Makes a decent amount of money
5 - Has time for himself

That's how I want to be really. I don't wanna work in a boring office for the rest off my life.
I wanna work smart, not hard. I want to be happy when I do my job. I don't want to be
waking up every morning miserably knowing that I have a sucky job. I also don't
wanna be so caught up with forget everything besides work becomes irrelevant to me.
Yeah you saw this coming, a successful person must make money, well, duh.

Q3 : What inspires you? Do you have any role models?

What inspires me? Good Performers I guess. Seeing them going up the stage being so bold and
brave. Not caring about what if, just doing what it feels right to them with no
regrets. I had this English essay to do last year, about my role model. You know
who I wrote about? I wrote about myself. I told the teacher how I am my own role
model and how I inspire myself. It was a decent 3 and a half pages, got good marks too!

Q4 : Do you have any ambitions? What three ambitions/goals have you set yourself for the next year, the next five years and your life?

Yeah many, logical and out of the world ambitions. I've got a thing for computers
actually. You know, tech stuff. It's interesting to me and I think that'll mostly be my
choice in a career. Something in that field, I haven't made up my mind yet thought because all of this is making me

Stressed out.

I don't mind being a part time performer too. Going to gigs weekly, being known.
Gosh that'd be so awesome.

The goals to achieve my dreams are fairly simple,
study hard,

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