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~The Symbol of Brands~

Is brand important to me? That’s a pretty good and intrigue question for a high hurrah teenagers like me. Well, for me, I simply like to say, YES. We can view the momentousness of the brand from different perspective which is either from the good or the adverse effect. Yeah, maybe certain people do think that brand value is not important, it is more of status symbol for individual, decently said it is social driver of having to fit in with the peer group. For me as a Muslim itself, will only buy name brand clothing whether it is Islamic or Western vein . But with my gender as a man, it would not be hypothetically as a problem as compared to the women.I go for brands however never undermine quality and value for money of the stuff. Frankly, I do think that brands will always be a part of our lives, either Muslim or not, but as a mammalian, or specifically under the genus and species called homo sapiens, we are inclined to buy them, I mean the branded stuff, as the companies are competent in their marketing strategies, making out this or that particular items are something that we can’t live without! Well, this may be influenced by our social interaction with certain groups that emphasize on the necessity of the brands in our life. So, brand means so much to me as it projected our personality towards someone, which in terms of ‘are u a nerd?’ or something more like ‘wow man, you look cool, we should hang out’. That is of course in terms of clothing as it is a physical stuff that wrapping our body and shows how branded we are.

~Brands in Close Up~

Hurm, first and foremost, brand can be anything. We can’t simply set our mind that a brand is just a clothing stuff and so forth. It can be simply said as OUR LIFE. Well, I do think that teenagers nowadays are more prone to technological stuff such as internet, handphone and all the gadgets that suit the teenagers itself. CELCOM, MAXIS and DIGI.Yups, maybe they are just service providers that connect all human being in the world. I mean, not in the world entirely, Malaysia only I suppose. But, they do solicitude about teenagers, by providing a very efficacious and succours package for teenagers specifically for students either in schools or universities. Youthclubs, School Of X ,Upax and blablabla , are the example of the packages that is furnished to us as teenagers shows that they are actually being a youth-caring brand. Despite that they actually didn’t care about youth’s sensation but only to make a lucreblueprint but still, they are taking youths as their part of the concern and make our life facile.

~Brands of Favourite~

I would assure you that my favourite brands are yours either. Why? Don’t ask me. Ask yourself. Do you ever think about what’s yours? Yeah, maybe you don’t wanna think because you don’t have any! But, maybe I’m wrong or maybe I’m just mumbling here. OK. Forget about that, yes, for me, of course it is about clothing. Why do I say yes? Because maybe some of you do think that clothing is your favourite. Ok, now straight to the point. TOPMAN. Yes. That is my favourite brand but not the extreme one. I mean, yeah, the artefact of the brand is breath-taking, almost suit to the soul of the youths. Maybe it is too modern and complicated in terms of design, but, it looks stylish and swank if you style it out properly. Maybe the design itself may bring a little bit of exasperate to the big-cute size person but then, I would agree more on the teenagers-looking design instead golden ager-wannabe design. I couldn’t agree more about that..

Not to forget about the brand of food either. I preferred fast food more. Not to mention they are prodigiously scrumptious but they are also made out in a blink of an eye. I suppose you don’t believe it entirely because if you do, you are dumb. I mean the part ‘ in the blink of the eye’ one. McDonald would be the choice. KFC would be good either. Pizza Hut is more suitable for family circumstance I suppose but I prefer Domino’s Pizza wherever they are available (they are not available in Alor Setar sadly enough). In regards to the McDonald, they provide a lot of choices which is affordable for a teenagers like me and no to mention their prodigiously scrumptious food. Yeah, mentioned earlier.

~Favourite Advertisement~

Nothing in particular ;P

~Brands from Religious Views~

About the religion on how it influences me on choosing a brand. As one can see, ‘quality’ and ‘price’, are strongly associated with ‘brand’. In fact, there exists a mental framework of quality vs. price when making a purchase decision. And there are other, clear, influencers in this psychological brand selection process. But what comes out is a lack of clarity with regards to ‘halal brands’.

Currently, we rationalise why we are using the brands that we use in our daily lives.

And one of the key reasons for that is because:

1) Half-assed of halal brands for daily use i.e.: cosmetics for men and women. It’s a category which currently has a few brands. But these are geographically limited. Whilst the need exists, probably financing, production and marketing logistics inhibit the existing players from taking their products on a regional and global scale. Yup, as in Malaysia itself, we can see how hard the companies from the international sector are very onerous to get the ‘halal’ certificate due to some perturb process to get them.

2) Varying disposable income ( if you don’t know the meaning, it can be simply said as income remaining after deduction of taxes and social security charges, available to be spent or saved as one wishes) of the global Muslim community: This is a key factor in terms affecting marketing forecasting and therefore possible business growth. Data available shows that the Muslim purchasing power is not in sync with the population concentration but just the reverse. Therefore current manufacturers have gravitated towards the centres where the available disposable income is high and where the Muslim community is willing to pay a premium for “halal”.

However, this becomes a deterrent, when we need to take the same product to another region/country, where the purchasing power is not so high and yet the need exists. (In terms of marketing, there are ways to tackle this).

3) Certification: The lack of a global halal certification or acceptance of one standard leads to the cumbersome process of having to obtain halal certification both in the country of manufacture as well as in the country the brand is being marketed. This often has acted as a deterrent to many aspiring businesses. This factor is as mentioned in the first reason which you know, the certificate getting thingy and some of the country do not provide appropriate certificate which makes them to have difficulty from doing business to muslims consumer.

4) Financing: In order to operate on a regional and global scale, financing for the businesses become a critical factor. However, Islamic Finance is yet to look into the overall Halal category fully, as a potential investment avenue. This has lead to businesses obtaining financing on a smaller scale and therefore restricted itself to operating within limits.

~Brands Source~

Well, that would suppose to be from TV,but I rarely watch TV anymore these days, so it would be from magazines,newspaper,friends and internet~

~Full credit to Afif Abhar for helping me in this post~

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