Monday, May 31, 2010

All-in-One New Malaysia

~Opinion on 1Malaysia~

Well,after our country was taken by the sixth Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak, he immediately introduce new concept/philosophy namely as 1Malaysia to unite all citizens and folks from various ethnic,religion,races,and background.

Personally, I don't really think of it in optimistic manner, since we have been independent for more than half a century already, but we still need to implement new campaign to unite all Malaysians. It sounds ridiculous when we are not yet in one soul and one mind even after half a century. Well, it can't be helped since there are various reasons for this, and I don't think 1Malaysia is good enough to amend to this flaw.

My vision of Malaysia in the next 5 years would be nothing in particular, really... Well, of course there are some development in progress like Wilayah Iskandar, implementation for the usage of fibre optic to enhance internet speed, and also the most recent plan from the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development to obligate every household to classify their waste deposit into organic and non-organic or something like that in 2013 if I'm not mistaken. Honestly, this is something that had been implemented and practised in Japan as far as I know, and Malaysia has only started to make initiative on it. Well,anyway,that would make an improvement in Malaysia for sure.

~Racism and Patriotism~

My thought on various races in Malaysia is it is a good thing since it feels like we're living in international environment with many different cultures,languages,foods and people surrounding us everyday as if it is natural~ Well, when it come about thinking of race or country first, I would not choose between them,instead, I'll choose my religion first. The two choices aren't really relevant and it only caused things to stir up. I got to say for those who choose race over nation, they are racism, and it's not something good to be practised in this multiracial country. Therefore, I would choose nation as my second choice after my religion. I know that for some people, they feel like choosing race first because of inequality right in Malaysia in a lot of ways, and I would like to highlight here about education. The existence of various racial school like Chinese school and Indian school will only separate the people from the beginning. It's not a wonder that they become racist when they are grown since they happened to grow in an environment that encourage racism. I also know that the existence of these school is for the sake of preserving cultures of each own race, but why such education can't be taught at national school instead? There's also another matter about 2 different pre-u programs in Malaysia, which are STPM and Matriculation. Both are obviously different in difficulty, yet they are treated equally in Malaysia, what an absurd thing. This is different in the eyes of world. STPM is more widely accepted by worldwide rather than Matriculation (although there are some that accept it) because of they acknowledge STPM as equal and at the same level as other famous pre-u programs like A-Level,HSC (STPM is indeed HSC but of Malaysia) and more. These are some of the reasons why tension exists between races in Malaysia. Although it is true that Matriculation is actually designed to allow more Malays and Bumiputra to be admitted in university since at past, there were hardly any of Malays and Bumiputras in university due to disqualification. I personally think that it is better to have only one system and improvise it to be well recognized by the whole world.

~World Perceptions~

Hmm,I don't really know how to answer this,but I guess people from all over the world still see Malaysia as a harmony multiracial Country. This is most probably because of during their tour in Malaysia, they had seen Malaysia as a country where there are a lot of cultures and different races of people, but still they can cooperate in a lot of ways. I'm not so sure if there's any typical 'Malaysian' stereotype since we are of different backgrounds, and so, maybe there's little common traits of us, but I believe there's that streotype like how Manglish (Malaysian English) was created~ It is only possible because we share the same nation and if we happen to have a lot of these common stereotype between various races in Malaysia, perhaps we can make people become closer than the way it is now~ ;-)
I would want people to view 'Malaysians' as the whole multiracial people and not only focusing on certain ethnic and race. When that time comes, that's the only time we really make it as 1Malaysians~

That's it for Real Voices 2 project, special thanks and appreciation to Youth Says for giving me chance to voice my thought in this blog~ See ya~

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