Sunday, May 30, 2010


Three top things that I would recommend to others :
  1. Book : A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks. It's awesome. I love the author
  2. Movie : Avatar. Seriously. IT'S AWESOME!
  3. Song : Hero by Mariah Carey. It lifts me up whenever I'm down.
2010 ;
must see : Movie Eclipse and The Last Song. I can't wait for it to come out.

must do : Getting 10A+ for SPM. I'll make my family proud. :))

must have : Polaroid! Haha. I want to capture instant pictures with my friends.

This is the outfit I'm wearing.

Reasons : It's simple and nice :) I don't colour coordinate. I just wear anything I feel like wearing.

Top things in my life (I simply can't live without them) :

Nikon D60 - most fav of all.
My camera is THE most important thing as I like to capture photographs. I carry it around all the time.

Teddy Bear
My teddies! haha. I need them. When I cry I hug them. When I'm happy I kiss them. And when I'm mad at somebody they're my punching bag. haha.

Well, they are all special as each of them is given by somebody someone :)

Other than all of this, my favourites are books. I read them a lot.
Sorry, no picture of books. Lazy lahh.

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