Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Girl Who knew too Much. :D


Hello. Hello. Hello!!

There’s something that you need to know. I <3 Colours! XD Okay moving on.

My Favourite TEEEVEEE shows :0



I am The Ultimate Gleeeeekkk!! Tell me, Who doesn’t like Glee? I mean Glee is the Grease of our time. Glee, makes me Happy. The plot is great. AND JESSE ST JAMES IS SSSOOOO HOT XD. My favourite Character is  ex_chris_colfer_glee

   Because he dares to be different (gay) hahaha. Besides, he’s kind of easy around the eyes. no?

I watch Glee EVERY Wednesday at 9pm on Astro Channel 711. That’s 711 check it out if you’ve never watched it and start living!!



Okay, So EVERY Weekday, at exactly 6pm. The family comes together and watches…  

So for One hour, everyone laughs and releases stress =)

Besides, The series is HILARIOUS!! Niles omg.. I laugh just by typing his name XD

I watch this series on Astro channel 702 =D

Doctor Who? Yeah. Doctor Who. A lot of people don’t know who or what Dr Who is. If YOU don’t know, have no fear I am here! Dr. Who is a science fiction series broadcasted by BBC.


Here comes the sad part… It doesn’t air in Malaysia. So, every time any one goes to UK I MAKE them buy the DVD for me =) Imma good kid I don’t download illegally. (Truthfully, i don’t know how or where to download XD) sooooo yeah. IT SUPERB! :D

Next is the reason why I’m in Science Stream it’s *Drum rolls*

 004015kcj *Cue’s in trumpets*

I used to watch it A LOT. But now … I’ve no time =(

But I’m hateful thankful to it cause It inspired me to enter science stream. xD now I’m stressing my head off. Thank you CSI!

Okay, last teevee show. =D MERLIN . :D I watch this on Astro also. ugh.. I just realised that without Astro.. wow, i won’t have a life! XD So yeah. I like watching Merlin. It’s funny how Arthur reacts when something strange happens to him which is always Merlin’s doing. xD



Fashion is apart of everyone’s life. I have my style. You have yours.

My style is Sporty,Harajuku , Emotic, Colourful, ME.



1_563953  DSC01524

Well, actually.. I don’t really have a particular style. I just go with whatever my mood is. =P

Another thing, I don’t learn about new trends . I kind of just know XD Like, my last months fav outfit is usually next months “in thing” It’s weird but Awesome. :D makes me feel like a trendsetter. LOL.


 imagesCAB9F8A4 mika_chair

I LOVE MIKA!!!! I like his music sosososososo much. =) His latest Album “The Boy who knew too Much” is stupendous! with catchy songs like Blame it on The Girls and Blue eyes aahhh.. I’m all smiles. :) :) =) X)

imagesCA83513Q imagesCABWG6GG

Tokio Hotel!! Who went to their concert? I DID! XD it was Awesome! My next favourite Band was one of their Opening act woooottss!! My top 2 favourite song from them is,  their song called Scream from their album Room 483 and World Behind my wall from their latest album Humanoid =)

Bunkface bunkface_Phobia_Phoney_2010

Let me say this. I think, They’re the best Local band EVER!! Songs like Prom Queen and Bunk Anthem have potential to be hits internationally XD  Me like listening to them a loooooooott =)

1241151331310_f imagesCA2CX21G

Yes I like them. Obviously. XD

imagesCAW58L5I 6a00cdf39c8443cb8f00e398acb2be0003-500pi

If you haven’t realised it yet. The band I like are Diverse in genre. Thats Cause I’m a Universal Listener. =) And yes, I dah malas nak type pasal band music yang I suka XD

adam-lambert adam-lambert-for-your-entertainment-album-cover

I don’t Figgin’ care if he’s gay. His VOICE is Rawr! XD

Books Galore!/ Buku!

Reading is my passion =) I don’t know wth that’s suppose to mean . But I love reading! It lets my imagination run wild. Imagining the characters to life aaahhh bliss XD

The last Three books I’ve read are books I’ve soo many times. soo here they are!


It’s a good read. Full of emotions. I cried a lot while reading this. The writer is simply superb. =) 







Kite runner

If you like reading and you haven’t read this book. Quick go buy it! Or Borrow it from me XD. It’s sad okay. but I guess I like books that can make me cry (That doesn’t relate to love).

And the 3rd last book I read is…


I’ve nothing but Love for this book.

So interesting! Actually it was suggested to me by my friend Azim Abdullah. =) Thanks Again dude. Here’s a funny picture of him. XD




I get new info on the entertainment that I like from my friends, the INTERNET (hail!), Magazines and the radio XD

oh, do comment. I get sooo excited when i receive comments xD. hey, it’s a feel good feeling ya know? =P

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