Friday, May 21, 2010

~fulfilling my dreams~

hey all, im back
well, day 3 demands us to share about our achievements and success stories
so to the youths out there, here you go..:)


well im sure that everyone, i mean EVERYONE, must have succeeded in something at least once throughout their life time. its just whether their achievements are big or small. to me,it doesnt really matter, whether its big or small, if my heart is fulfilled then i consider that as a successful achievement.

ACTIVITIES: i consider myself as the linguistic type, i have this advantage when it comes to debating , public speaking and even spelling-bees..
but i guess my top achievement goes to

yup i know , its something really rare .. its actually a program under the ministry of education, we actually design miniature prototype F1 cars and race them..this competition includes aspects of design, speed, sponsorship and presentation..

how did i do?

i was actually the national champion for 2008.


i bid 4th in the international competition , 0.27 marks behind third (which went to australia)
my team also manage to obtain the best presentation award during this competition.

was also one of my proudest achievement, i was in the rmc debate team , and my team actually made it to the prime minister trophy's tournament finals..
we lost though hahahaha..
but i did debated for varsity, i was the team for intec uitm in the ICRC DEBATE TOURNAMENT.. i got speaker rankings of 32 out of 520 speakers . so yeah i guess thats an achievement.:)
when i reached jordan, i also continued debating here.. and just to make a change. i started to debate in malay. unbelievably, my team won the tournament here. and appeared as the best team of all time.. oh how i miss debating..:)

I know its lame, but i was forced to enter .. my teacher actually registered me without my knowledge. one day before the tournament, then was i only told about the competition.
in the end of the day, i managed to place 2nd in the Kuala Lumpur State finals..

SPORTS: being a student of rmc , its impossible for us to escape this so called sports. i do play some rugby and swimming, but i have a totally big interest in swimming more than any other sports. i was actually the college swimmer and won 2 golds in the kuala lumpur open swimming competition..

ACADEMIC: i wouldnt say that i was a really bright boy, im not. im lazy to be frank. hahaha
but somehow, after my spm, i got 3 scholars. from petronas, jpa and ministry of defence.
one was to the UK, one was to AUSTRALIA and the other was to JORDAN.

I settled down with the offer from ministry of defense, after looking into the job prospect and how much i will get for my income in the future. lets just hope i made a good choice..


A Successful Person?
i guess what makes a person successful is a very subjective issue, i strongly believe th at, when you set a goal, and you manage to achieve the goal (or even if you dont achieve it) BUT you fulfill your heart's desire, then he/she could be called a successful person.

to make it clear, i'll give you a case.
doctor A sets a goal to achieve a salary of RM10 000 for the next 2 years.
doctor B sets a goal to treat 500 patients for the coming month..

so if doctor A manages, than he is successful, even though he does not stand on the yardstick of doctor B. while even if doctor B gets less pay for the next 2 years, but he manage to treat 500 patients for the coming month, then doctor B is successful too..

so my point is, success is a very subjective issue, it actually depends on your yardsticks and



in every successful person, he/she must be well equipped with positive values in them. to me , the values needed are:
  • determination
  • enthusiasm
  • perseverance
  • optimistic


i've never actually had an idol in my life,
but if i were to choose, i would say, Tun Mahathir Muhammad

he has done a lot for the nation.. no, not only for malaysia. he is really really popular here in jordan itself,
rumors has it, he was once jordan's unofficial financial advisor..

but what made me interested was to read his background and all. we could see that he did go through a lot of hurdles through his way to the top but he went through each and every ordeal calmly and managed to grab hold of himself. he was never a quitter he was a fighter!
infact i even finished reading his book, dilemma melayu!
i highly recommend this book to you guys.:)


yes, through my years growing up, i had a whole bunch of ambition,
but truely, these three bid the top 3 ranks:

3. Archeologists

I have always wanted to be a politician. i thought that politicians are the only group of people that could help change the lives of our people, help the sick and poor. help other countries in turbulence like palestine and stuff.
but then i grew up, and i read newspapers, breach of trust here , corruption there and conspiracy everywhere.

but deep inside, i still have that eagerness to be a politician.
some one said, if you become a politician then you will be corrupted.
i say, well if thats the case i'll be the first not corrupted politician.
the choice is in our hands.

A Dentist is second on my list. i believe that dentists have a very interesting job prospect. yes, i know, people say that, we have to look in peoples mouths everyday. but if you were to know. dentist does not only handle the oral sector of a human being. they have control on things from
the neck and above. yes , even facial reconstruction is under maxillofacial specialist which is actually a dentist specialist.
the second reason is mainly because of the time a dentist have. we get to help the society, we get good pay and we also have time for our family. i mean, whats the meaning of life, if everything is about work work work work and work. right?

An Archeologist is actually a long long long childhood ambition. i was actually driven from the movie, JURASSIC PARK.. well, they made the archeologists work look soo damn cool.. but i got to know that it takes a lot of patience and a lot of time.. and besides i didnt know which channel to follow for archeologists hahaha.

but although i am a dental student now, i still strongly hope that one day i could be part of the national parliament. that is my dream, and that is what i wish will happen..:)

My goals are really very simple.. NOT!! HAHAHA

  1. to score for deanlists next semester
  2. to succesfully finish my umrah and haji while im still studying in the middle east
  3. to graduate dental school and become the desired military doctor
  4. pention after 10 years in the military and pursue charity works
  5. by the age of 30 to finally be able to take part in the elections.

oh and ohyeah ohyeah, to have travelled to as many countries as possible before i finish my 5 years here. w0hooo..

yeah yeah, i know, it may seem kinda impossible to achieve everything

till we meet again.. [-_-]
Op uLyA aQaMaH BiN Op HuSaMuDiN

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  1. honestly, i've never been to the pyramids. HAHA. ramai student kat sini sendiri pun tak pernah pergi. biasanya student lain (from other countries, yeah like YOU), yang sampai dulu. pelik betul. :D