Friday, May 21, 2010


Day 4 : Work and Money

·         How important is money to you? Tell us what do you think about money.

T     I think money is pretty important. Unlike the old sayings that money doesn't sum up to happiness and all that, money IS  important. Everything is only getting expensive. Prices are increasing. Education fees are increasing. Fuel prices will rise. When everything except for our income increases, how can it not be important? That pretty much means money is important to me.

·         Where do you get your money? Do you have a part-time job or do you receive an allowance from your parents, or both? Have you done any part time jobs before to earn your allowance?
I get my money as an allowance from my father. I call it my salary. No, I've not done any fixed part time jobs to earn my allowance. But once in a while, I write for advertisers in blog and I get paid.
·         If you want to buy something, do you usually save up or will you get it straightaway compare?

I will save up before hand. When I'm buying something that's expensive, I always make sure that when I buy the item, I would still have the same amount or more money than I spent on it. That's so that my money doesn't get finished,

·         How important to your generation is having a strong work ethic and be hardworking in work?

Having a strong work ethic and being hardworking in work is indeed crucial. Strong work ethics include being on time, having proper communication skills, problem-solving skills. A mixture of these strong work ethics and hard work would reap great benefits. You automatically become a very important asset in your company. And when you slowly climb the ladder of success, you will be noticed and rewarded.  :)

·         What do you think about the current economic climate? Did it affect you, your family and your outlook on the future?

The current economic climate.. Not too bad for us Malaysians.. As of yesterday, Malaysia has become more competitive according to analysis, from rank 18 all the way to 10. That's a good way to start the second half of 2010. Things will get better. But before this, during the inflation period, the earning power wasnt too good. Although at the time the inflation didn't really show any conspicuous effect on my life, we didn't change our outlook on the future. Because that's how inflation works. Bad inflation. After a couple of years, back to normal or economy gets even better.

·         What do you think are the three coolest jobs in the world and why? What are the three jobs least coolest job in the world, and why?

Doctor. Doctors are always needed. They have become comparable to God sometimes that they are really really important in saving lives. People are going to always fall sick. Thus, doctors will always be in demand.
Engineers. In this era of modern globalisation, we're constantly trying to control the environment in newer ways and produce machines that make work'll faster and easier. This is where engineers play a role.
Lawyers. They're going to always find a way to put you into trouble. And you have to get another one to get yourself out of it. It's a cycle of its own.

I think these three jobs are cool because it is only difficult for them to deteriorate at times of crises. 

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