Monday, May 24, 2010

Give me the money,honey.




If I told you that, I would be a hypocrite.
I,for one, love money. Not to the extent where I would be obsessed and desperate by it but to have it makes me happy. Without it, I can't afford to pay transportation to go out. Without it I can't watch movies. Without it I can't go shopping.Without it I can't go to college. And the most horrifying of all, without it I can't buy yummy food to eat! D:

Yes,in this life and in this world,money is very important. It doesn't matter how much, but you have to have at least a little to survive.

After SPM I stopped getting allowance from my dad because I finished school. So I decided to take a part time job working in Upperstar. It was a great experience for me. But the best thing is that I get to earn my own money and spend it without getting nagged. So through that too, I got to learn the importance of money and saving up (I didn't do a good job on saving up when I got my first gaji ahaha). I also earn money through my blog,although it's little but I feel very happy to do it...I even inspired my dad to blog ! :D

I am usually an impulse buyer so I buy things on the spot,sometimes i regret it though D:
But I don't usually spend a lot at once..and if theres a really expensive thing that I want, I'd work hard to save my money.
It is very important to be hardworking, people are competitive these days and nothing good will come out of slacking off.

The economic climate didn't affect me much as I am still young and don't have financial worries like my parents but I do try to help them save up with the resources at home like making sure not to waste any water or food and such.

Three coolest jobs in the world for me? This is fun.

I would say one of it is a blogger,like the Singaporean blogger Xiaxue. Her job is awsome. She gets to try alot of things for free and then she just has to blog about it. Sure, she has some haters but I think we all can look past that. People are people,you love some and you hate some.
Next is a shop owner. I am sure that you have to worry about your business and all the payments that need to be done but imagine you can decorate the shop according to your liking and such. Sigh,I'd love to have my own shop one day.
Next, a designer, don't ask me why but I think that job is nice :)

Least coolest job eh?
I don't know,every job has its part and I don't think I should degrade it. Your job could be picking up trash but if no one did that then who would? The people doing that are helping to keep the place clean because some people are stupid enough to throw trash everywhere instead of the trash bin.

But I think being unemployed is the worst of all,you're just being a deadbeat..hello?! Try to contibute to something please.

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