Monday, May 24, 2010

$$$$ Money $$$$ Work $$$$


Money and work. We have to work to get money. A thief also got to “work” to get money/valuable goods. Am I right? Haha...

Money is very important for me. Yeah, veeeeeeerry important. But one thing, money is just a piece of paper (or what?). Of course it’s valuable, but money can’t buy everything. Most of us have known already about this right? Money can’t buy love (but nowadays, it’s applicable). Sigh~

What should I say about this? 

Luckily, our government has provided allowance for foundation students. So, I have no worry regarding to my pocket money. If I were about to broke, then I’ll ask my parents for some allowance. The biggest problem is me, I’m a spendthrift even though I hate shopping. But then, I love buying snacks before I get back to my home. Slowly, my pocket money will be lessen. Urghhh.... I had worked after SPM while waiting for the enrollment to the university and it’s a full time job. Part time? No, I never did any part time job before. While working we should cultivate aesthetic values. (don’t loiter, come late, and etc).

 May I take you order please? :)

Before I purchase something, i.e. handphone, I will compare its price with different authorised reseller, then I’ll buy. Frequently, after I bought something, then I saw the thing that I bought, sold with lower price. Yeah, I will pi**ed off.. huh.

For me, the coolest job are :

(a) Researchers - I love doing research, especially in computing stuff! and computer viruses...  you may sneak to my blog : [Analysis of Phishing Scams]

(b) Engineer - even though it's an advanced field, but it's enjoyful!

(c) Lecturer - I love teaching! hehe..

Top 3 Least Cool Job :

(a) Prostitute - You have no dignity! (no pics please)

(b) Bouncer - What is the nice thing to hit people rudely? hmmm...

(c) Robbing/Snatching/Stealing/Smuggling - yeah, wicked jobs ever! huh...

happy reading! :)