Thursday, May 27, 2010

Government System Hacked By a Hacker?!

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System is down! 18,000 senior citizen's payout delayed due to the government's system had been hacked by A hacker! A hacker hacked into government's system and causes that to 18,000 people. Wow. I'm not gonna praised the hacker. But this incident tells us how vulnerable our government online system is. This is scary. Just like in the film Die Hard 4. Haha. Maybe I watch movies to much. And way, that's scary. Can you imagine if other country hacked into the system. They can know everything. Every single secret they might know if this happened again. Maybe just we are the one who doesn't realize it yet. I don't know. Don't ask me.

Anyway. This is the post for Day 9 which is Brands. Is branded products important to you? For me personally, I would say YES and NO. For expensive product and will be using it for a long time of course its important. For the normal daily things that we buy, not necessary. For instance, you want to buy a notebook. For sure you'll be choosing the famous computer brand like Apple, Acer, HP, Dell, Sony and IBM. But for other things like...erm... ketchup, sos, cat food, human food... something like that. That actually is up to personal taste. For example. Guy A like Kicap Manis, and guy B like Kicap Sedap. Guy A will probably say that Kicap Sedap is not really nice. But for Guy B, Kicap Sedap is the nicest ketchup in the world. Simple.

Hot tip: Don't buy the brand, buy the product.

Any brand that you think stand up for something? Yes. The brand that I like is Islam Is The Way Of Life. Everything I do daily just feels perfect with Islam in my heart. That's the way of life that I recommend for everyone in the world.

List down my favorite brand.
Apple, Acer,Dell, Sony, Samsung, Asus, Canon, Pier Cardin, Adidas, Wilson, Air Asia, Kia
That's all that I can think of for now.

To be honest, there are no brand or products that will make me embarrassed when using it.

Religion influence my choice of brand?
Haha. Let me guess. This must be something about the boikot thing right? Haha.Of course it influence me. But not for everything. For wine of course laa. Muslim can't drink that. And other things too. But not too much. Run out of good quality product and finally forced to buy it because what my money worth every sen.

Where do I find the information about the products?
Online of course. This first place I'll go is to their official website. That's always the best place to find the information on the product.

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