Friday, May 21, 2010

Having Access To The Internet

Day 5 : Going Online

·         How many hours do you go online everyday? What do you usually do in the online world? 
Approximately 5 to 6 hours. I read articles, news, solve crossword puzzles, download movies and songs, watch videos, send e-mails and write in my blog.

·         When you go online and interact with other users, do you use any nickname/alias profiles online? Tell us why you use it or don’t use it.

I use my real name to avoid identity confusions.

·         Have you become good friends with people you first met online? Tell us stories of how you make friends in the online world. How do you know whether to trust them or not?

Yes I have with many people. I made friends from Friendster, Tagged, Facebook and readers of my blog. I'm still in touch with these people. Trust comes with time. As more conversations took place, we got to know each other better. And if I notice anything suspicious about a particular person, I delete all connections. 

·         Tell us if your parents monitor what you access online? Is it effective, or do you know ways around the controls? What do your parents think about you going online all the time?

My parents do not monitor what I access online. Because I have my own laptop, controlling becomes a little difficult for them. So I basically have access to anything. I have been using the internet since I was eight. So they're pretty much used to my going online. They're just not very happy that I spend more time on my PC than with my books. I think that happens almost everywhere right.. ;)

·         Do you think the online world has made you to become more disconnected with your friends?

No, the online world hasn't deleted connections with my friends. It's just given me an opportunity to meet more people, people outside my horizon, who are really good friends of mine now. :)

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