Friday, May 21, 2010

the third

i would like to share with everyone the story of my dad's success, because i am very proud of him. in fact, i am very happy that he succeeded. i am supporting him now and i will still support him in the future, no matter what happens. my dad had very heavy credit card debts since i was little. my eldest sister said that most of the debt was used to save our siblings when my mum took off with all of us. it was very expensive since my dad had to buy flight tickets right there and then. plus, malaysia and the UK ain't that close either. i didn't know that when i was little. i always grumbled when my dad said he didn't have money to buy what i wanted. my friends all said my dad was rich so i believed them. no one knew the fact that 80% of his salary is used to pay for the debt. about a year ago, my dad settled all his credit card debts after paying for them for about 10 years. to celebrate his success, he cut off most of his credit cards and is currently planning to perform hajj. i am very very proud of him and it has taught me a valuable lesson : do NOT use a credit card. even though i don't think i'll have to save any kids in the future, i am clearly a shopaholic.

my definition of a succesful person is a person who became a better person than before. personally, i think a succesful person would gain the title 'succesful' with his own efforts and using the right way. no cheating, no fast tracks. and certainly no bragging about his success.

my role model would certainly be my father because he is a very succesful person in my eyes. he is the apple of my eye. he raised all 5 of us as a single parent with his own bare hands. okay so maybe a 'bibik' helped, but whatever. he was the one who taught me about life. he is the most interesting person i have ever met. and, i would say that he pretty much succeeded being both a mom and a dad at the same time :)

of course, everyone have ambitions. i dream to be a writer. well i am one right now, part time. but it sucks coz i have to write the topics that the boss gives me. plus, there are datelines. where am i supposed to find inspiration. i want to write something that is original. something that is me. okay the three ambitions that i have set is..............

for next year:
1. to stop skipping class just because i want to continue sleeping.
2. pay attention in class for the whole semester instead of just the earlier days.
3. save money

for the next five years:
1. get married :P
2. go visit my mum using my own money
3. have a bachelor's degree by the end of the five years

for my life:
1. have a PhD
2. not forget my parents
3. repent


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