Sunday, May 23, 2010

Major lost for me

Hello and Howdy,

Just got back from Alor Setar for some reason. When I'm home, just like usual, fire up my computer and I notice something weired was displaying on my screen. Lots of random pixelated RGB colours. This can't be good. I knew this day gonna come but not this fast. ARGHH! What causes this to happened was actually my graphic card. I'm using the NVidia 8600GT 512mb DDR2 card. This card used to be the top in its class when the time I bought it back in 2008. Now, to solve that pixelated problem temporary, I'm using the GPU that is built inside the mother board. Its like 1000 times slower than my previous graphic card. Need to reduce a lot of gaming now. Need money to buy new graphic card. Anyone want to sponsor me? Hehe... I'm a graphic designer you know. So, graphic card is very important to me.

Hrmm... Talking about money, this post also about money. It's Work and Money, as I expected. So, lets get to the question.

Q1: How important is money to you? Tell us what do you think about money
You know, I used to have some wild thoughts about money. It was why not makes everything free? Sounds ridiculous and yet interesting huh? I'm not an expert in economics. So don't take it so serious about this. When everything is free, it is actually easier to focus more on development and innovation a.k.a R&D (Research & Development). It's actually from my own experience. From my point of view, I see the biggest sat back for most of the Youth(group of people which full of ideas) to create something creative, innovative and authentic is money. It would be great if this actually happened even though it is not logical in this millennium. I'm very lucky to have a very supportive parents. They know that I like to experiment to experiments with thing especially computers. Since I was 10, I broke 2 desktop pc and 1 laptop because of my experiments thing. And look at me now. Bukan nak belagak. Just want to give example. Now I can built my own computer and laptops, repair, and hacked it. Experience is the best teacher. It sounds so out of topic but it closely related when you think about it.

Q2: Where do you get your money? Do you have part-time job or receive allowance from parents?Have done any part-time job before?
Well, its up to you weather you want to say it work or something. But for me, I do it for fun and passion. And yet, still got money from it. Haha. I'm a graphic designer and a computer man. People contact me to fix their computer and do some of the design. I don't call it work because work is working in a specific time and day and fixed pay. I don't. Its according to my client and the stuff I need to do. I do get allowance from my parents but not fixed as I assumed most people do. My parents said, mintak je bila perlu. Ok, heres where my business actually starts. One day, I was hanging out with my friends. It was after SPM. Then, we all come up with an idea to publish a Yearbook and organised a "Prom night" after the SPM. Thats gonna be awesome. 2 days after SPM finished, we start planning. This is where all problems raised. We realized that is is gonna need at least 20k. That a big money. When dealing with big money, comes big responsibilities. That what worries me. But our motivation is high and we tend to make it a reality. We work on design on the yearbook, start raising fund and search for sponsors and selling advertisement spaces. Show the sponsors the design of the Yearbook and they were impressed. They take my number and everything goes well except for some other thing. When the project is declared success, most of the sponsors starts to call me back and asking me to do design for them. This is great. It continues until now.

Q3: if you want to buy something, do you usually saved up will you get it straightaway?
Of course I will saved up. I don't like to hutang2 orang. It gives me some additional advantage too actually. I will have time to do more homework on thing that I want to buy. You know, the pro and cons of the product. Especially the expensive one. and the one I'm buying for a long term usage. But if just want to buy a bar of choco, just go and buy it laa...

Q4: How important to your generation is having a strong work ethic and be hardworking in work?
Personally I thinks it's really important because of the massive competition nowadays. Without ethics and hardworking 'ness', it's hard to achieve what you want. Unless you aim just 1 feet above the ground. For those who aim for the skies or even the space, these 2 skills is really important. But sadly, some cases, it depends on WHO YOU KNOW. Not WHAT YOU KNOW. Someone gotta do something with this matter.

Q5: What do you think about current economic climate? Does it affect you family?
To be honest yes it does. My father works with Petronas. Oil and gas industry is one of the most affected industry due to the economic climate. But doesn't affect us badly. Just ok2 je laa...

Q6: Coolest job in the world? Least coolest job in the world?
No 1 I would say PILOT. That what I'm gonna be. Of course its cool. In fact, its very cool. Getting pay from what you love to do most is cool. And free holiday ticket for family!

No 2 Animator. Dealing with the hi-tech stuff is a great way to live. Especially when involving your imagination. Need to work beyond everybody's imagination is great and yet very challenging.

No 3 Business. Easy money if you do it right.

The least coolest job?
I dont thinks have one. Depends on you. You passion. For instance like me. I love aviation. but i but I work as an engineer. That would be sucks to me because my passion is aviation. And vise versa. Hope You understand this. Up to you. Don't listen to people about this. Just do whatever your passion is.

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