Sunday, May 23, 2010

The internet monster!

We all Love the internet. You know.. us youths. Us awesome, young youths. =D But some… are crazy about it. Just like me =P

I spend at least 2 hours online everyday. I check my email, facebook, Myspace, Deviantart, blogger and world news that’s not in the newspaper.

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I’m a weird kid okay. xD

I’ve become good friends with the people I meet online. For Instance, I met my Great friend, DANO, online. =)


To make friends in the online world, simply click the +Add as Friend button.


And badabing badaboom, the person accepts and you’ve made a new friend XD

How do I know whether to trust them.. hmmm, well, look at the person. Does she/he looks suspicious? then look at the friends, are they bad or good? Lastly, follow your instincts!

My mum is cool. She doesn’t monitor what I access online because she knows that I don’t do “weird” stuff. =D

I do Think that the online world has made me more distant to my friends. The reason.. is

We chat online sooo much until when we see each other, we don’t know what to talk about. Its sad but true. =(

Till here. I Must sleep.. My exams starts tomorrow! I’m so awesome that I didn’t study for the exams tomorrow which is SEJARAH and MATHS! hahaha (epic fail XD)

Buh-bye now. Gooooooodddniiiggghhttt world!!

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