Wednesday, May 19, 2010


This is my 1st post here, so enjoy.

George Benard Shaw was once quoted saying
"Youth Is wasted on the young"

All that I have to say to that is,
“Screw you, jealous bastard”

In about 2 years, I’ll be legally counted as an ‘adult’ and I hate it.

The best thing about being a youth today, or EVER, is the adventure that youth brings along. Youth has been a great teacher to me. The experiences it brought me, no money can buy.

Throughout my youth, I can say that I’ve loved, I’ve lied, I’ve hurt, I’ve lost, I’ve won, I’ve trusted, I’ve made mistakes, but most of all, I’ve learnt.

And as long as you’re learning, you’re on the right path!

Youth was awesome and in no way was it wasted on me (at your face Mr Shaw).

I think the future of my generation is sparkling. It’s so bright we have to wear shades.
I honestly don’t see the future as something we should worry about. Just live our lives to the fullest and deal with it one day at a time. Leave the worrying to our parents, because after all, they do it the best. =)

Many a times, the society labels the youths as “rebels”. But then again, youth or not, aren’t we all?

The real question to ask is Are we SMARTER rebels? Because I think we are. The new generation is made up of a generation of innovators so it’s a no brainer that we’re going to be even ‘better’ rebels that the generation before. Not that I’m saying that rebelling is a good thing, hey, don’t take me wrong, but it’s a matter of fact that as time goes on, the nation will rise to be better than the previous generation.

To say that I’ve never rebelled would be pure bs. I mean honestly, who has never rebelled? A good example would be when I had a few drinks and went pass curfew. After getting home, I had myself hand phone-less and internet-less (no thanks to ideas on parenting books). The next day I sneaked out and got caught again. In the end let’s just say that I had to face the music and it wasn’t my definition of fun- in fact, it was the opposite. But I learnt my lesson, and I guess I can submit to authority more easier now (not that I’m miss goody-two-shoes either)

Have you ever came across a situation where either one of your parents would go

“When I was your age ah……”?

This is usually followed by a long and VERY detailed story about how extremely hard their lives were or how they had to suffer to get money or how they had to endure so much hardship to get to where they were. Come to think of it, our parents are such drama queens!

Anyway, here’s something our parents don’t know. If our lives now were the same as theirs when they were youth, we’d be in shit holes, because it would mean that the country hasn’t progressed much. (Making sense aren’t I?)

The whole statement about how our parents had much harder/easier lives than us doesn’t make sense to me. Why? Take this for example:

When our parents were youths, they didn’t have 150 million kids living on streets because of poverty, neglect and abuse.
They didn’t have 300,000 children fighting in other’s wars.
There weren’t 250 abortions happening every 5 minutes.

But then again,

Our parents didn’t have computers, the internet and phones
Not all of them were allowed to go to school, or get any type of proper education
Gender and skin color discrimination was still widely happening.

So in my opinion, both us and our parents had the same amount of struggles growing up- just in different ways.

And that's all i really have so far.So thanks for reading. And stay tuned for more.

With Love,


  1. Finally, someone who holds the viewpoint that we all have the same struggles ! *salutes*

    Name's Annette. Nice to meet you ! =D

  2. hello. nice to meet you =)

    sorry to hear about your mom. it's stories like yours that remind everyone else about how fortunate they are. (not that i'm saying that your living in shit or anything) but yeah, you're a fighter :)

    and i play the drums too. But i only went as far as the 16 beats thing then i was like "ah fuck this"

    anyway. look forward to hearing more from you.

  3. I'm not trying 16 beats for now - I'm trying to build hand speed. I'm doing other grooves for now. =)

    But anyway. I'm hanging in there. ;-)

  4. DRUMMERS?! :D Me too! :) Lol I like the way you blog hahaha! My name is Hau Yon :) Nice to meet you both!

  5. Nice to meet you too ! ^_^
    Sweet, now we have another person with whom we can make noise.

  6. hau yon. thanks. I'll be sure to check out some of your post too =)

    troisnx. Okay la.. you two bang bang all. i be tambourine girl boleh? =)

  7. Erm... ^_^' Provided that you can roll at high speed, I'll be fine.

    And now.....
    *goes into Drole de Creepie mode*


    *ends Drole de Creepie mode*

    ^_^' Hehe, sorry, guys, I just felt like singing that cover I made once again.

  8. what do you mean roll at high speed? I can double bass at high speed LOL....for a short while >.> and what did you just say? o.o