Friday, May 21, 2010

I dont have a proper title. so yeah. I like big butts and i cannot lie

Is money important to me?

Urm.. yeah… I need money to buy things? And I need money to eat? Oh and I also need money to support my education so yeah, money is important to me
(kind of a no brainer, but hey, I want my cash so I’m going to answer the questions)

I get a monthly allowance from the folks. Though I have been trying to negotiate with them since forever to get me a debit card. I used to have a part time job, working at a dinner for a church member, but that stint only lasted about 2 months.

Elegant women were never meant to work =P
I don’t usually have a list of things I want to buy, well I do, but usually I’d have something new in the “I want “list before the previous wants could be even put into a list. So it’s usually “ooh I really want that” and then the next week it would be “Okay, I want that, but now I want this even more!”
And in the end, I don’t get either, which I rather dulan-ing. But whenever I get my allowance I usually splurge it on at least one thing that I want.

The most important thing my generation has to know now is to be able to set proper principles in their lives (and obviously to act accordingly lah). Until someone has their proper principles in life, I don’t think they’ll be able to function to their fullest abilities. So get your principles set and work ethics will fall in eventually.

The current Economic Climate….
*looks from side to side*
Urm.. yeah…. The current economic climate.. is urm…. Well… I don’t think we’re in shitholes?
So.. yeah….urm..
*mumbles something*

Okay, let’s just say that it’s kinda obvious that I have not a single clue on how the economic is.
I know the Ringgit is rising, and the European pounds dropped to about 4.4 and the Singapore Dollar dropped to 2.3 but that’s only because dad just came back from Europe and I’m heading to Singapore next week.

So what do I think about the current economic climate?
Urm.. I guess it’s sunny? Or urm.. fairly cloudy?

Did it affect you, your family, and your outlook on the future?

*mutters under my breathe* “SHIT”
Urm.. *looks from side to side again*

So far my family has been doing well financially; I mean yeah we had our ups and downs but nothing so drastic where we had to like eat magi mee for the whole week, or like become beggars
(If anyone reading this has happened to eat magi mee for one whole week, I swear I’m not making fun of you)

What do you think are the three coolest jobs in the world?

Okay, phew, something that I actually know how to answer.

Other than being inhumanly buff and blessed with a big *ding-dong* (hey we see the bulges in the underwear, don’t act all innocent) he also has the ability to fly!

Wait mom just read this as she said that I had to blog about “jobs that really exist

Okay, I’ll start over.

1. A hooker.
Because I’d want to know how it feels to bask in horny-ness

no la,I just wanted to see your reactions.

Okay, seriously now.

1. Professional Cheerleader.

Because well
– you’re hot

- you get paid to be hot and dance in skimpy outfits and no one can call you a whore cause what you do is a profession
- you get do to all this amazing stunts in the air and learn how to tumble, flop and do all this crazy formations with your body which normal humans never attempted

2. A prima ballerina

Dancing for a living, I mean what could be awesomer?
And you get paid big bucks, and you get a professional to do your hair and makeup and you look awesome and elegant on stage, and after every show you’d get a bouquet of flowers
(I sometimes think that the ballerinas send them to themselves, but oh well, the benefit of the doubt)

(and yes, that is me going on en pointe, and yes, it did hurt, A LOT)

3. One of the princess mascots in Disney Land

Just saying the world Disney land makes me happy.
*grins again*

Cause you get to take pictures doing all this princess-ey posses and no one can call you weird

Because little girls look up to you thinking you’re the best-est thing ever
And everyday, you get to sit in some big carriage and wave to the crowd like you’re royalty in the Disney Parade.

What’s the 3 un-coolest jobs in the world?

1.A professional assassin

Cause you have to kill people that you don’t even know. And sometimes they have wives and kids. And if you change your mind, whoever that hired you in the 1st place might kill you instead. And in the end you get killed for not killing -_-

2. Malaysian Public Toilet cleaner

Note how only the world ‘MALAYSIAN’ is underlined? Well yeah, that’s because for some weird reasons, us, Malaysians don’t know how to pee and poo properly and leave our toilets in a big disgusting mess. And who has to clean out messes up? -Those poor toilet cleaners that don’t even use the toilets.

3. Those people who apply make up on dead bodies

I mean that’s like bloody scary man. What if you’re putting on eye shadow for the deceased and suddenly she just wakes up???

AND what if the deceased is like chio ugly. And then you try to do your best to make her look “urm, deadly pretty”. But you can’t do miracles right. And in the end the family of the deceased sues you for making her look ugly.
Tension giler.

Hope you enjoyed this post
Thanks for reading
With love,


  1. i've never thought about it before! applying makeup on dead bodies! oh my gosh! totally scary!

  2. hooker? sex.nahhh just kidding,lol ;p

  3. HAHAHAHA..Ur funny la woman! lol.. i thought abt the doing makeup for dead person as well...hahahah..wanted to write abt that..

  4. Ouch. That must've been painful going en pointe.

  5. anesh : I KNOW RIGGHHTT!!

    naim azizi: ooh nak saiz dulu!!! ;)

    stacey: embarrassing enough, that idea wasn't mine. I asked a random friend on msn "eh give me an example of a shitty job pleeeaasse" followed by "I can't believe their paying me to write this shit" later. =)

    trosnyx*: boleh tahan laaaa.