Friday, May 21, 2010

What trigger my senses ~

Adoyai ~ actually aku tgh demam ni. Padahal baru satu post yg siap. Malam Rabu balik dari Mid naik KTM balik. Lpas mandi boley plak terus demam. I thought i catched H1N1 any where along the way ~ hey, its okay to be paranoid sometimes... Adoyai SANGAT TAK LARAT. Ni pon ade la larat skit nak sambung post So aku amik la yg paling ringan yang aku tak payah bebel panjang2..

What i do when im bored? i find something interesting ~

Ok, lately I got this sudden interest in photography. I wanted my own SLR cam but i cant afford it yet, since in my highschool i got a talent capturing the at 'right moment'  pakai digital cam 8mp pon boley amik gamba cantek taw... ~ hehe I ada bakat taw, bukan saje2 poyo bwk DSLR gantung2 kat leher padahal amek gamba pon pakai auto setting hakhakhak [ ooppss ~ no offence ] so, for this en3 im sharing with you wat i`ve been Googling this past few days....

Well, this is one of my favourite i shared in my FB. This photograph is taken by a National Geography photographer. For more info read it here in Wikipedia. I cant copy paste it coz its a copyright. I do illegal in my personal blog only... hehe I have been doing some research on this story and it is actually very interesting.

ok, next,

I just re-watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose at AXN channel.  Gosh, i love this movie. I talked everyone into watching this movie that night. And yes, it was on air at 12 midnight and nobody wants to watch it... Ayoo~ 
This is based on a true story. But the in the true version The name is not Emily Rose. Its Anneliese Michel. Here is the true picture i found when Googling..

Scary right ~ poor her..... 
Wether the story is really true or not i dont know.
All that i know, i love the movie.
Although it scares the crap out of me.
Here an article of her ~ Anneliese Michel.

Since i first read PS I Love You by Cecelia Ahern. I`ve been addicted to her writing. I have read and collect all of her novels. Gosh, i really like her writing style. Add a lill bit of magical touch in it, and puufff ~ it got into New York Bestseller... and on my book rack too.
Here some it..

Hehe, do u mind im showing off some of the picture i took when i was in highschool using my 8mp Olympus digital cam.. here`s some.


2010 Must list.

  1. Have my driving license.  
  2. Go to scholarship interviews.
  3. Do wutever legal while waiting for universities call.
  4. Learn how to cook, sikit2 pun jadik laa~
  5. Participate in new things 
  6. Continue my blogging
  7. Tengok semua movie best [ tahun ni bnyk movie best keluar laa~]
  8. Stuffing my wardrobe with new clothes [ it calls for SHOPPING ] 
  9. Bodek my dad to get me a car [ used car pon jadik laa~ ]
  10. Continue blogging, jgn malas, hangat2 taik ayam is a NO NO !

Hey i did make a new year resolution on the 1st Jan in my personal blog..


My sense of style, with a touch of geekness ~

Well, the next thing im going to bebel about is bout my fashion style. I didnt get it and still i dont know why my friends always said i have pelik sense of fashion. Yes, it is quite unusual but its normal though... I love mix and matching my sweater, my long tube top @ skirt , my skinny pants, and wutever i could find in my closet [ and my sister`s too ] I have quite collection of Shawl too, very nice one. 
Some people may not understand why i wear shawl insteadof the normal tudung ~ ok let me tell you why
  1. Mush more funky, young , stylish pattern to choose from.
  2. Lagi MURAH. Shawl is usually under RM10, paling mahal pun jenis Pashmina about RM20.
  3. I can style it better than wearing the usual tudung.

Well, lets get back to our topic. Ok here`s the picture ~ [mind the kedut2 on the clothes, im too busy to iron]

So, watcha think ???



My beloved phone....

Tommy, my laptop....

My camera....

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