Sunday, May 30, 2010

I like...

Uhhh, ermmm, ehhh. You know what? Let's just get to the questions.

Tell us about 3 things that you have seen, read or listened to recently that you love and have recommended or share with others (in Facebook, face to face conversations, online, etc)?

1. Syu Shu

Isn't that pair of shoes just absolutely stunning? I found these on a Facebook online shoe boutique run by a model named Syu. She is based in Indonesia and doesn't have a physical shoe boutique yet but she does do international shipping. I haven't ordered any of the shoes before because of the price but I will once I start earning my own money. The available styles are just so beautiful that you'd want every single one of them if you can afford it.

2. Chinese boy singing exactly like Whitney Houston (Youtube)

Just watch it and you'll know why I recommended this video. By the way, he's not lip synchronising.

3. Tibetan Mastiff

No, that is not a lion. That is, in fact, a dog. I really want one of these just because they look so cool! I found some puppies on, but they were priced at RM18,000! More pictures here.

What is on your ‘must see’, ‘must do’ and ‘must have’, list for 2010?

Must see:
1. An increase of money in my bank

Must do:
1. Start my online business.
2. Get a temporary job.

Must have:

Yep, that's it. You see, I like to be focused. I like to achieve things slowly and systematically, then and only then can my achievements can be truly sustainable.

What is your favorite outfit/set of clothes at the moment, please send us pictures and tell us why you like them.

Y'know what? If I didn't know better, I'd think that some fashion designer is on to us. I mean, they seem to keep asking us about our favorite clothes! This must be the third time I'm answering this already. But anyway, my favorite set is the white blouse with big buttons, big collars and zip with black office trousers and black heels. Sorry, no picture this time.

I like it because, for the hundredth time, it looks elegant. And I like to be elegant. Therefore I dress with elegance. Now can we finally get off the topic of fashion?

Put picture and show us your top favourite gadget, collections, toys, things or any items that you can't live without and tell us why.

1. Laptop

No, that's not my laptop. But it will definitely be mine in the future. I can't live without a laptop because, well, I need it to go online. And in this virtual world, the possibilities are endless. Besides, I have learnt loads of computer skills and I need an avenue to flaunt them on :)

2. Phone

That's not my phone either. Not that important a thing to me because I usually use it as an alarm clock and as a convenient communication purpose only.

Yeah, that's it. I'm a low maintenance kid :)

Till the next post, enjoy!

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