Friday, May 28, 2010

List of things

This is a list post of all things me!

Seen: Ice Kacang Puppy Love. Oh my gosh, I didn't know this Malaysian movie is SO funny! I could just cry from too much laughing. No other movies could make me laugh as much as this.

Read: Meg Cabot's Heather Well's series. Her books are amazing and funny. A good read anytime of the day,cracks me up everytime.

Listened: Saltwater Room by Owl City. I made a video with that song once and people kept asking me what song was that. I am proud to say that is one of my favorite song!

My 'Must See' list for 2010:

Letters To Juliet

Complete GLEE

..I don't know what else. I a go-with-the-flow type of person. So I see what I want to see! Not a must but its fun :D

My 'Must Do' list for 2010:

-Go to college
-earn RM1000 in 2 months on my blog (HOPES!)

-Buy my own DSLR
-Grow my hair longer
-Lose fats! D:
-Be in a dance show.

My 'Must Have' list for 2010:
-Mini Laptop!
-New Phone!

*yes I realize that I could be a tech addict sometimes*

-Um..finally a boyfriend? :B :B :B
-THE SIMS! I MUST HAVE ORIGINAL SIMS! (after i get my mini laptop)

My favorite fashion stuff right now are probably sheer leggings,beanies,big rings,bracelets,jackets and cardigans(:

I consider myself as a person who knows alot of fashion:D

One of the things that I cant live without is my laptop!

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