Friday, May 28, 2010

Fun, fun & more fun.

Day 7: Entertainment

Q1 : Which are your favorite TV shows and how do you watch them (TV, Youtube, download, friend, stream)?

House MD, My Name is Early, The Big Band Theory and some others
that I don't keep up with. I usually try to buy the season DVD's but if I can't then
I'll just search for them online. The tv shows that I stated above are the ones that I keep
up with. Some that I don't are like CSI. Fyi, I don't watch glee and never will.

Q2 : Do you like music and fashion? Where do you learn about new trends in music and fashion (from friends, celebrities, magazine)?

Yeah obviously! Music for performing, fashion for what I'm wearing on stage! Haha.
Hmm, I get some inspirations from seeing other performers online. Checking out
their live concert photos from blogs. Sometimes I ask advice from my friends too.
And at times, I'd stumble upon something nice in the magazines and might just
try it out, for fun.

Q3 : Please tell us about singers and bands you are into, and why do you like them? Where do you get most of your music? (download, buy CD, take from friend, etc.)

Honestly I listen to all type of music from country to metal but if I had to choose,
I'd say Pop Rock. Pop songs are really great because they're usually written
based on an event or an emotion. When you play the song you can feel what the
writer feels too. I get most of my music from the stores and friends. I'd borrow the
CD's and rip them into my itunes. If I really can't fine a particular song, then I'd
search for it online.

Q4 : Do you enjoy reading books? What are the last three books you have read?

It's depends, if you definition of books are the long ones filled with words only then, no.
If it's magazines and such books filled with pictures then yeah, I do. I don't know why,
but it's just not me. I can't enjoy and 300 paged book filled with words only like
some of you, I just can't get the excitement out of black printed words on yellow paper.
I need COLOURS. PICTURES. Something that stands out on every page.

Just thought I'd share this photo of some kids break dancing in MPH that I took.

Q5 : What/where do you find new information about entertainment that you like?

Online, they're free and I can't all of the info I want. I have some websites that'll I'll check
out everyday for interesting news on tech and gadgets. Maybe sometimes I'd buy
the magazines, when I have more time or just getting ready to go for a long
trip. I don't subscribe to any of the magazines though. But surely one of the best
ways to keep yourself updated with info is through the internet. Your already
paying to TM for it right, might as well use it to the fullest.

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