Friday, May 28, 2010

I almost forgot.

Day 6: Social Networking

Q1 : What communication medium (SMS, Instant Messenger, Phone, Twitter, Facebook), do you and your friends use the most to communicate through and why? What are the positives and negatives of each?

Honestly, all. For me, I use all of em everyday. But if you want the most used
to communicate with my friends, I'd say IM, and facebook. Almost everyone in school
is on facebook. Even some of the teachers, it's so easy to connect and reach out
to others through. You can send homework reminders, sometimes I'd even upload my
class timetable to help them out!

The only disadvantage would be when we talk online, we might get carried
away and waste many hours. That's it actually.
Q2 : Is social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter making your life better or worse?
To me, it's giving somewhat of a neutral effect? Facebook & twitter doesn't make me
smarter (educationally), maybe I'll learn something new here and there but it's
unlikely gonna help me in my school exams. Well, unless they're spreading out
tips and leaked questions online. I've said this billions of times, when you use facebook,
there's a high probability that you'll get carried away. I used to play the games on facebook.
I'd check the games every few minutes and every morning before school! But then one
day I've just came to my mind that this is so stupid and wasting my time. I blocked all
the games, till now.

Q3 : Please list the number of online social networking sites (Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, blog) which ones you are a member of and why you chose to have a profile/account on each of them? What activities do you usually do when you are social networking sites?

For me to express out my feelings, write what I feel like writing without any rules.
And of course, earning a little cash.

Everyones on it, it'll be weird if a tech 'geek' like me isn't. There's so many things
that could be done of FB like meeting new friends and going to events.

A site to release my depressed feeling. I don't do it on FB because it's too public and
people can comment on it. It gets annoying.

I think every Malaysian blogger has this? It's for you to earn a little extra cash.
They often has projects and movie screenings too. Gone to a couple before.
All I gotta do is blog blog blog.

Somewhere I can voice out my thoughts. See what others have to say.
See the events, take surveys. Help the YOUTH!

Ultimate Guitar
Because I'm a rockstar and the site allows me to learn some cool songs.

For my entertainment! I also subscribe to tech reviewers to keep myself updated.

Q4 : How many Facebook/Friendster/MySpace/Twitter friends do you have? Who are these people? How many of these do you consider ‘close friends’? How many of them have you not meet before?

Not many, I've only 588 friends on FB. Some people have nearly 2000?
Reason being, I don't add people I don't know and I don't accept requests from weird
people/pervs. It's annoying when you don't know the person and
you keep seeing his status updates. I'd say around 100 or less of them are
my close friends. Hmm, maybe 200? But I'm sure I'll bump into them sooner
or later right?

Q5 : Do you prefer to meet people for the first time online or face-to-face? Why?

Online first. Then meet up :) Umm because, I don't think I'll be so much of
'myself' when I talk to the person when meeting face to face first. When you talk to em
online you get to know a bit about each other first. But I don't know, this isn't really a good
way, it might destroy your real life social skills. When you go out with the person you might
just, stone. One more thing, don't end up talking online to a perv and then meeting up!
Watch your own butt in the online world.

Q6 : Do you have Twitter? If yes, how many followers do you currently have? Who do you follow?

Yeah I do, here's my twitter ariffsays. I currently have 48 followers, I know it's
not that much. I don't brag on people to follow me on twitter, they'll follow me
if they want to. I'm following 11 people, my close buddies, some daily quotes and
Martin Johson! Twitter is also another nice was to keep in touch
with your friends and see what they're up to.

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