Friday, May 28, 2010

so much for ur entertainment!!

THINGS im CRAZY about,,!

well,, i wanna make this as simple as possible,,(mcm BOLEYH jer) hehe
if u wanna know what is the shows that i favoured,, cant tell u ALL of it,, coz it is WAAAYYYY tooooo MUCHHHH
so,, i picked up the best that i love,, chronologically~~

the fers cartoon i LOVE MOST!!!! even until now,,,
LOVE LOVE LOVE sakura + shao ran,,~~

LOVING dis series since it was aired on tv,, during my childhood range standrt 4,5, like dat..

this one fers KOREAN DRAMA SERIES yg I LOVE SO VERY MUCH,,tenq,,,;p
followed by MY GIRL, MY LOVE PATTZI, SASSY GIRL CHUN YANG+++ area2 tuh la,,
start to LAYAN since area stndrt 6 and into early form 1,2,3,,,until now,,=p

urm,, this one is A MUST FAVOURITE,,
WATCH ALL its episodes,, (siap rewind2 ag)kyaaa~
followed by CSI MIAMI, CSI NY, inspired by their details,,

BIG DIE HARD FAN for this one,, love TAKUMI
followed by all masked rider series,, but only love the JAP version ok,,
love this since like FOREVER,, (mkin jd2 tym bro in PJ and bought like ALL masked original DVD) hehe
urm,, secong MOST favour MASKED RIDER BLADE coz fall in LOVE with HAJIME-joker..♥♥

this one LOVE IT SO MUCH,,
not only most of it are real disease.. but the story itself,, WOW best!!
urm,, inspired to be a doctor and biotechnology due to thi story,,~~
ONE OF MY LATEST PASSION (starting at least tym F2)

hurm,, this one also my latest PASSION,, mmg LIKE LIKE LIKE laa,,
love the legend even before so LOVE the action even MORE,,hehe
urm,, start to love since it is on air,, like 2-3 years back if im not mistaken,,

erm,, this one,, LOVE the sweet storyline and all,,
LOVE ADAM the most,, hurmm,, think this is malay fers top show in my heart,,
others,, i cant barely remember,, sory,,huhu

last but not least,,, i am soooo a big fan of shojo anime,, and not heavy action anime like GOD SAVE OUR KING, DUAL, SHAGUKAN NO SHANA,
+ extra2,,,
usually,, if the show is still showing in tv, then i'll never missed out my favourit shows in tv,, i even set the programme (astro) if i think i am goin to be unnotice.. but if i did missed it i'll watch it on you tube,, and download if i can,, for HOUSE md, i prefer to watch it from megavideo-streaming on9. but lately,, most of my childhood favourites no longer showing in tv,, so to release the "missing" felink i will definitely buffer it on you tube and watch it,, even if it is the entire series,,=p


well, y is it?? becoz i can be so in LOVE with music,, its like being in the music can really make me feel more understand what my hert is telling me,,ooppss,, jiwangnyer,,
but thats the truth though,,
when i feel down,, i'll listen to music that can cheer me up,, n at most of the tym,,
the lyrics to the song itself is very catchy and makes me feel that well,, thats how i felt,,huhu very gud way to xpress feelink u know,,=p
i always listen to the radio n get updated by the latest music there,, usually i go for, because it sure has lots of new and old tym feverit english songs,, and sumtym i tune in to ERA,, for malay and indiband songs,,

some songs that i really love are,

example; love story, picture to burn, u belong with me,
today was a fairytale, two is better than one,, im only me when im with u,,++more2..
i love most of her songs prob because the lyrics r very deep,, n funny,, n its videoclips are mostly stories,,
n love it because the melody not so slow,, BUT not so loud either,,=p

well,, actually,, im not the type of gal,, who will be die hard fans for some band or singer,, but im more to the music lover,, if the muse are easy listening,, or the lyrics gets me loving it,, then i dun need to know who sing the song,,, other songs i love, check yes juliet-WE THE KINGS, NICKELBACK songs, AVRIL LAVIGNE songs, MUSE songs, down, do u remember-JAY SEAN, if u r not the one- DANIEL BEDDINGFIELD, 21 guns- GREEN DAY, Smile- UNCLE KRACKER, im not gonna write u a love song- SARA BAREILLEIS, baby- JUSTIN BIEBER and much much more,,
 too much to list down,,
 i used to downloads all the songs and music videos from AIMINI or streaming it online on YOUTUBE,,~~


hurm,, well im not very picky about fashion,, i wear what suits me best,,
usually,, simple, easy going and flexible dresses n long shirts,, i love that sorts of style.. also love wearing cardigan,, way much easier..=p
all the new in trends of the celebs,, well,, i love heliza af5 stlye,, sweet n simple,, n i dun like too expose2 fashion,, yeah,, we are wayyy back then the AMERICAN but as malaysian is not like we av to DRESS, WEAR, or ACT like them to civilize ourselves,,,
we have borderlines,, that make us still malaysian,,

well,, im not so fond in reading books,,, or so i say story books,, but still it depends on the contents and storyline,, but im so badly in love with comics... got like 30++ comics under my collections,, (i only buy the single episode comics made by JAP and not series..) however,, i do read english novels or factual books,, and the latest that ive read are "snakes dont miss their mother" also, "to kill a mocking bird" and lastly, "500 places to see before they dissappear"

most of the entertainments, movie infos, latest music, latest events, i usually knew it all from the radio,, but sumtym i do hear it from frens,, and also read in magazines,, television and internet (social networks) also did a big favor,,=p

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