Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Me, me, me, and me. Oh, YOUths are in this too!


As a start, let's begin with knowing who I am. Full name, Abdul Qayyum Bin Jumadi, but people just call me whatever they want. Mostly Kai, some K, and only a few call me QJ, i.e my parents. I love to write, watch professional wrestling, watching movies, and you know all that teenager stuff. That said, I'm willing to try anything new.. provided I'm supported financially. I'm from the upper part of Borneo and enjoy every bit of the Land Below The Wind.

Do not be fooled! This is one of my better looking pictures in Facebook.

Speaking of which, I think there's no better time being a youth in Malaysia. Why? Malaysia is a relatively young country on its own, it's hardening and still being moulded.We as youths actually have the chance to spearhead the country. Whatever future we have, we can take charge of it and make whatever we want of it. Call me corny and patriotic but it's better to realise this now than later. Sure, every youth in every country needs to worry about the future. bright or dark, it's all up to us really. But the way we're going, I don't think we have much to worry. I'm rooting for optimism.

Whether or not we have a harder time growing up than our parents, I have to beg to differ. Sure, we may complain a lot with a lot of things today. The malls are too small, McDonald's is too far away, school starts too early.. My father had to walk through forests and mud being chased by wild boars and my mother had to take a ride behind a police truck to get to school every day. Of course we can't actually compare side-by-side but the spirit you got to have to endure day to day activities can't be much different then and now.

That reminds me what the playwright Chekov wrote, "Any idiot can handle a crisis. It's day-to-day living that wears you down."

For more of Anton Chekov, click here.

I try not to label youths are rebellious but rather, having tons of ideas inside of them without the proper channel. so when they do find that one medium to channel what's on their mind they tend to grab it aggressively.  It's unfortunate some of us just find the wrong medium at times. My last act of 'rebellion' was against my psychology lecturer. She believed that we all should work together in every aspect in a video role-playing we had to do, while I believed that only skilled people should be involved in certain tasks, other group members are only there to support. The argument was heated, both deeply irritated, and it took about an hour. One of my more sensitive  group members cried and asked, wait, no, demanded, I write to my lecturer an apology letter and I got an A- in the end. Thanks Adilah, could have been a lot worse.

This reminds me college. The most difficult hurdle I had to face so far in my life. mainly because I had to cross the ocean and be away from the people I love. two, I had to stay in a dorm which is something I never experienced. Of course there's much to say about challenges there like missing home and tons and tons of work but the lessons and friendships I forged on the long run was well worth it. I'm not afraid to venture into new territory any more.

My happy sensitivity is quite haywired. for me it's not what I'm doing, but it's more of how good I am doing it and who I'm doing it with. I can be perfectly happy watching paint dry if it's a contest or if I'm with my friends with a bag of chips and a few big bottles of carbonated drinks.. and a high definition TV with my favourite movie playing.

I think my friends and family have quite a balanced importance in my life. You can't really compare the two. They're in a different class of social groups. I just have two little brothers who are currently in high school, so we all have our own thing but from time to time we do spend time together. There are some things that are strictly for families.. Family days, weddings, family vacations. I do spend most of my time outside the house with friends. But while they are significant in my life, none will have the same impact my family has on me.

Who would have thought a midnight walk beside a dark highway would be fun? The right people + right activity = Happiness for Qay!

Well that's me, Qay, and my ramblings about myself and youths today. hope at least one of you got enriched with my..erm.. personality? until we meet again! take care.

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