Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Me, Trees and The Youths! XD

Hello World! XD
After facing broadband problems, Time problems, and STRESS!
I am finally here to *drum rolls* BLOG!!

But before I start. Here's an intro to me. =)

The name's Hayani. Hanida Hayani. I'll be sixteen on the 2nd of November. I'm currently studying in SMK Assunta. =)

To tell you the truth and nothing but the absolute truth, I never thought that, I'd be picked to be one of the AWESOME people representing The Youth of Malaysia because I'm not much of a social person and I mostly keep my thoughts to myself. So, being picked is quite an honor for me. XD

Enough about me. Lets talk about you. HAHA QUESTIONS!

What's the best thing about being youth today?

Youth today has the Freedom to do what they're interested in and most of the time, Freedom of Expression.

Freedom to do what they're interested in. Until the community of yesterdays youths, the community of todays youth is more open-minded to our 'Diverseness'. For instance, If someone says she/he wants to be a model. People would accept that she/he has reasons. But last time, they would look down on him/her thinking that she/he is too dumb to become anything worth while.

Freedom of Expression. Blogger!, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Friendster. I'm sure Everyone has an account at at least one of these sites. The youths today can express themselves better! especially through Blogger. (I sound like commercial =.=) Other than that, there's a unique form of art growing called graffiti. Youths can express themselves through colours!! (I love colours!!)

Do you think the future is bright, for your generation or do you think the future is something to worry about?
I think the future is something to worry about. With robots being invented who knows! Maybe the companies don't need us. Another thing is the environment. Remember the movie Wall-E? Well, our earth might end up like that!! So I think we should all be very alert about the future!

Do you think "youth" are rebellious in Nature? Do you/Have you rebelled against anything or anyone in the past? Explain
Yes. Youths are rebellious in nature! We're going through a phase in our lives! Some youths tend to go over board though. These are the dangerous ones.

I have rebelled against my Dad for reason which I will not state coz' its personal mann. XD

Do you think youth today have an easier or harder life than our parents generation? explain
In my eyes, we have a much harder life because eventhough we have easier access to knowledge and information. But we face, Our parents racism, kidnapping and raping cases, Pollution etc. We are also constantly underspressure to score straight A's or get a 4.0 average. Other than that, We are also very very vulnerable to depression and suicide. Take it from me, I was there.
So yea, I think we have a much MUCH harder life.
What makes me happy?
I hardly am happy but I guess there are a few things that makes me happy. =)
Running the 100m makes me very very happy. =)
Karate helps me release my stress thus making me happy.

My good friend Ali Moghavvemi makes me happy by constantly saying that I'm awesome xD
So Thats it for this post. Hope you enjoyed reading it xD.

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