Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Measure of Success


Qayyum: A Success Story

Okay, not so much.

Let me lay it down to you straight. I'm nobody special. At best I'm what you may say a jack of all trades. I do a lot of things, I'm just not great at anything. So to be honest I just have small but collective short achievements that when you pile all of them up, you get a considerable chunk of success, but that's about it I suppose.

Here's my success story.

I grew up normal. some things I get, some things denied.

I once represented my state for bowling, I was the emcee for a couple of events at high school, won a few talent competitions, got an article published in a magazine, rejected a full scholarship to study at a local private university, got an 'excellence in service' certificate from my high school, 2nd place in the state-level drama competition.

Okay done. Moving on.

I think a successful person is someone who do both what he can, and what he must. Now that is true success.  It's never measured with how much you have, how loud people praise you, or even what title you carry.. Sometimes the noblest thing are the most subtle ones. I admire people who keep their head strong when disaster is screaming in their faces, or someone who nurtures potential in other people, like a teacher who gives cheap tuition classes for students who he thinks needs that little extra push.

It's what they give, not what they get.

Not to sound too cliche or sucking up to anybody but there is one person in this world who I truly regard as my role model, and that person is my father.

Sure it's a bias selection but even if you look as an outsider, my dad has much to be admired. He a classic success story.

growing up my dad had to work at a coffee shop for 20 cents per hour, help my grandfather at the fruit orchard, and taking care of his younger siblings. He didn't live in the city, so he had no big dreams, the biggest one he had was wanting to become a traffic police.

One great thing is that he truly worked his way up. Never took a day for granted. He settled for mediocrity in his high school because he didn't see the point of it all back then, afterwards he came to the city. he worked hard and landed a job at a local telecommunications company. He starts off really small, not having a degree and all. But because he was so persistent and hardworking, he was quickly recognised. He was one of the few Sabahans to be picked to join a 1 year course in the USA to learn about telecommunications at all expense paid. It's like a scholarship, only for working people.

Now, he's one happy man settling with a family that loves him and acquaintances that looks up to him. He still can't go too far in his career without a degree but he's content with it. He has strong values such as never accepting bribes, loving people that loves him, and still working as hard as ever. I think when you have strong values and sticking to it, not much can stand in your way of happiness.

As for me, I have bigger ambitions than being a traffic police officer. I actually want to join the political scene here in Malaysia. Maybe join the senate... That'll be nice. Why? Because I believe there's still a lot to be done here and you know what they say.. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. People should really stop having negative sentiments of politics. It's what rules the country and how we live. From the price of sugar to what car is allowed on our roads. All that is regulated by politics. If we keep having dirty people in politics, then so long progress. Ignoring a problem is not the same as fixing it.

Parliament, wait for me!!

I have nothing planned for myself except for getting into politics. So in a year, maybe no specific plans. I just go where the wind takes me. I'm that kinda person. Study, get good grades, have fun along the way, take on problems one at a time. In five years... maybe get my law degree? yes. that and make loads of friends, being nice to people. Just do all the right things coz who knows, I might die tomorrow..

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