Friday, May 28, 2010


I was obliged to write something about brands. Well, there are brands I can trust, and there are brands I just can't. Now I'm not gonna write a lengthy post like I always have, because I'm gonna sum up my stance towards the whole obsession about brands in three simple words :

Je m'en fiche.
I don't care.

Which is why, to be honest, I haven't found a rather catchy advertisement, or one that really touches me, because their ultimate gain is profit. Even the ads during festivities seem to have lost their meaning. After the whole talk about the Coca Cola Company's and Pepsi' "vitamin water" (consider 8 tablespoons of sugar vitamins ?), I've had it.

I've never had any favourites.... except for one company when it comes to gaming consoles and phones : Sony. Seriously. PlayStation2 was a success that gaming companies chose to release for the PS2 until late last year. The last ever production I know which is for the PlayStation2 is Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, released by Square-Enix and Disney. And my phone is... well... a Sony Ericsson. I'm not gonna go at length and specify what models I've used (because you probably wouldn't care about that anyway).

And no, religion doesn't affect my choice of brands. Simply because I believe that if everything was created by God, then everything would be fit for consumption. We can't declare unclean what God has declared clean. Those of you who have read the Acts of the Apostles should know this by now.

So, to some sum it all up in one sentence : where brands are concerned, I'm probably not the least bit bothered.

I don't know, but for some reason, the whole talk about brands just turns me off...

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