Friday, May 28, 2010


im on a 3 months holiday. i wish to make the 91 days fly faster but then that doesnt happen. so what i do every day is, online of course. how many hours? as little as half an hour and up to 5 hours per day. i dont really have things to do online but the same applies when im offline. so usually i'd tumblr browsing or facebook stalking or skype with people or download songs or googling unimportant stuff. that is pretty much everything.

Going anonymous.
I only use my real name on websites that i trust. And i dont reveal much of my personal info init. There are scammers and such bad guys everywhere, even in the cyber world. To be general these bad guys would use and manipulate your infos for their own benefit. Nowadays, you just cant trust everyone. so to be on the safe side, using alias would be the best choice.

Hi im alya. You are?
I certainly have made much friends online. Take arif wajidi. we knew each other thru myspace on December 2007. Our first conversation was about our reviews on amy winehouse’s songs. We enjoyed the little chit chat much, it lead to another conversation and another. Since he’s a friend of a close friend of mine, I just knew I could trust him. Cewah, but really. I met him at klcc a few months after, during the edufair.

Privacy please.
Since im all grown up (mentally lah konon, but not physically obviously) my parents expect me to know myself what are the good and the bad things on the internet. Im already 19, so yes I do know, I should know. Anyway that’s one of the things that I like about my parents, they respect me and my privacy. But then again, my mum doesn’t like me going online for too long, it makes me unproductive and lazy as she say it. She does have a point.

Basically the internet has made my life easier to keep in touch with my friends, even more the ones faraway from me and it help me find my long lost friends, my friends back in my childhood. Cool lah tu.

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