Friday, May 28, 2010


topshop from US or topsgirl from Malaysia?
my sisters are always at each other’s end when it comes to shopping. both have different view about it. along, like my dad prefers the imported goods. the one with recognized brand. she believe in buying one expensive stuff which would last for years. angah on the other hand opposes that idea much. angah, like my mum prefers buying not-so expensive item because to how she looks at it, if you buy expensive things, unless you got the money, there's limited choice to what you can buy. if you get something cheaper, you'd get to buy more things.

i think i belong to the in the middle group. personally saying, i do like branded stuff. i mean, if you can afford it, why not? but then basically, brands or labels should be of not that much of importance. what really does matter is the quality of the item. will the item last long or would it wreck after just a few days? of how i see it and what i think other people should know too is that label doesnt always guarantees longer shelf life and make it worth the pay.

how i get information about products that i like? it's either by experience or featured in magazine or suggested by friends.

i trust you.
-cardigans are my must haves and most of it comes from cotton on. the quality is good, it lasted long and they are affordably cheap. to me la.

-i like ice cream ! one of my favourite would be magnolia's tropical sling red bean ice cream potong. delicious, cheap and more red beans init compared to other brand.

-i am a klutz always dropping things and of all the things one of it would be my phone. you say it, tar road, cement floor, bricked based floor. i've dropped it nuuumerous times, yet it still keeps on working. the only time it stops serving me is when i accidentally make a swim in a drain. no phone survives swimming in drain or drinking milo. that, people you should know. that is why i like nokia.

well that's pretty much all i can think for now.

moving pictures in big black boxes.
BESAR PUNYA ! i like the maggi asam pedas advert but somehow i cant find the video. maybe the thing is there but i just cant find it but nevermind that. i find the ad funny, creative and it just amuses me. maggi certainly did a good work on that adv. i like it very much.

Sorry i only have one favourite tv comercial.

yo! that embarassing.
a label embarrasses me? unless the thing im wearing is a fake, no. im more embarrassed be seeing wearing an obviously faux brand item rather than a non-label item. imagine bumping into another girl and she's using a real thousand bucks coach handbag and you're wearing the exact same thing except for yours is a fake written roach on the mark. that's why i'd avoid using a fake brand for they make it obvious that it's a fake.

ban israel !
religion does and supposed to influence my choice of brand. i know i should stop using stuff that is israel-related as it contributes to zionis attack on muslims in palestin. like kotex nokia and nestle. they say by using israel products, i'd contribute my share in the mass killing. i certainly wouldnt want that. i wish i could stop using all of those things and stop the war, but these items have been in the family since forever. it's hard to stop using everything completely, but what can be avoided from usage is avoided at all cause.

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