Friday, May 28, 2010

Can you meet me halfway?

What does entertainment mean to you? It’s too subjective.
Entertainment is defined as an activity that is diverting and that holds the attention (according to my Thesaurus). Music, jamming, watching movies, and so on... Different people have different interests in entertaining themselves. For me, music is the most important thing, as well as my laptop, device for amusement too.

Frankly, I don’t like watching TV. Why? Because my laptop is considered as my TV. Hahahaha. Yeah, I did watch only a few dramas and reality tv programme.

1.       Adamaya (the top rated one! Even though I watched it alternately).

2.       Wipe Out (this is freaking hilarious reality tv programme ever!)

3.       The Nanny (She got tonsil’s problem, ineluctable)

But when I was a child, I enjoyed watching tv all the time! Everybody did it right?  Watching cartoons all the time. The top rated cartoons that I love :

1.       Dragon Ball (we love it !)

2.       Extreme Ghostbusters (trapping the ghost!)

3.       Doraemon (cutee)

4.       Shin Chan (aggravating kid with hilarious gestures)

5.       Sailor Moon (don’t you cheat me, most of the guys love watching this! It's merely a cartoon right?)

I watch those cartoons and movies at YouTube, easy and available.

I LOVEEEE music! Music can raise up my spirit, when I was down. It can cheer me up, especially when I listen to my favourite song.

Favourite musicians/Bands :

(a)    Black Eyed Peas (I LIKEEEE THEM SOOO MUCH!) – Meet Me Halfway! <3<3

(b)   Kris Allen (Gotta Live Like We’re Dying...)

(c)    Sean Kingston (Eenie Meenie – his part only, n others)

(d)   Lady Gaga (she makes me gaga with her romance)

(e)   Westlife (Their songs give me inspiration...)

Usually, I downloaded all songs from the Internet. I won’t be spending my money to buy an album....

Fashion? I’m not so into it. Sorry...

Reading? I love reading, but not the books. I’d prefer to read something informative over the Internet. These are my recently-read books :

·         Calculus text book (I love it! Hahahaha)

·         Data Transmission and Technology (sorry no pics)
·         Programming Java

Where do I find information/entertainment? Surely, Internet! Everything is at your fingertips!

 Gooooooglee for anything!

Salam. Thanks for reading (if any)

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