Friday, May 28, 2010

Sharing My Favs

I think I exposed this on my previous post. I mostly go out now with just boardshorts and some simple t-shirt with some witty design or sayings. One, because I live in a tropical country. It's too hot sometimes in long pants. Two, I live in Sabah. So that means if I can go to the beach whenever (which I do a lot) so wearing shorts help.

Actual beach shot by me in Kota Kinbalu, Pantai Tanjung Aru.

Heck Thinking of the beach makes me wanna wear boardshorts now! haha.

I prefer those graphic-bombarded boardshorts. I have two of them, Volcom and Quiksilver. Currently saving for another one.

If only they were as cheap as regular pants. I sometimes wear them for five days straight!

My two favourite shirts are brand-less. One says "People who think they know everything annoy us who do" and "Keep the dream alive" where there's a picture of somebody's hand pressing the snooze button on an alarm. I like t-shirts that are either too direct or too vague, like those only a few people would understand. Currently looking for this particular t-shirt..

From clothes, lets move on to gadgets. I for one treat my gadgets almost like children. Inanimate children at least. I name them, personalize them and I lose my way when I misplace or lost any of them.

First and foremost, I'd like you all to meet Sephia, my laptop. It's by right a HP Pavilion Tx2500. I got it for my 17th birthday.

It's a touch screen so it helps me with designing and writing down notes in class. The speakers are superb! The screen is not that big enough for a movie but that's what projectors are for.. here's the story of my (failed) attempt to sell Sephia in my blog: No Goodbye For Sephia

My Nokia e72, I wouldn't let it go for anything. It's my lifesaver. I do a lot of stuff with it, and I mean a lot. Listening to music, organising my tasks, taking pictures, surfing the web, finish up my assignments, check e-mails, blogging. it's a wondergadget. I can't lose it!! seriously. If I do, I'll forget everyone's birthday, lose all my pictures, life would be totally boring and all kinds of chaos will emerge!

Now enough about me and my paranoia. Lets move on to more important things.

The 2010 Must List!

Must See

Toys Story 3! in 3D! For everyone who watched the first two Toy Story, you do not want to miss this. This is not about the special effects or music scores. though they are superb, it's about all the good times and the laughs we had with the characters and storyline and reliving it. It's a nice thing to go back in time and remember how happy we were back then. The world needs to be happier.

Must Do

What else? Youth'10!! Must must go. Concerts, bazaar, workshops, conferences... Give me reason not to go! see you guys there! Oh yes, The FIFA World Cup. Gotta watch that too.

Must Have

An Acer K10 Pico Projector. When you see this thing, you will not believe it's a projector. HDMI support and everything. It's really small! Why a projector? you never needed one before right? well this time it's mobile. you can bring this anywhere. Plug it in your laptop and get a wall. Play games, watch a movie, do a presentation.. or better yet, get a TV tuner. watch TV in a ridiculously big screen. You can even plug in other things to this nifty gadget.

Now the three things I've herd so far that's worth updating my Facebook status for are these: Chris Rock, The recommendations to raise the oil price, and of course the World Cup! these status updates speaks for themselves :)

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