Friday, May 28, 2010

Careless Little Hamster and Entertaintment

Which are your favorite TV shows and how do you watch them (TV, Youtube, download, friend, stream)?

I LOVE CSI! Especially CSI: Las Vegas. I always watch it with my mum. If there is CSI on TV, then we'll watch it. If not, I would just download. (:

Do you like music and fashion? Where do you learn about new trends in music and fashion (from friends, celebrities, magazine)?

I loved them both! (: For music, when I hear a new song/artiste, then I'd download the song AND other songs sung by that artiste. I realized radio don't put a lot of the nice songs by the popular artists today. /:

For fashion, I learn them through magazines, online, and friends. :D

Please tell us about singers and bands you are into, and why do you like them? Where do you get most of your music? (download, buy CD, take from friend, etc.)

I love Kesha! She's so adorable. Her songs are catchy!

Owl City is a band I like too! (: Meaningful songs sung by a gorgeous voice!

Other bands are like All Time Low, Automatic Loveletter and Secondhand Serenade.
Mostly, I get songs from downloading. TEEHEE.

Do you enjoy reading books? What are the last three books you have read?

I do. (: But I don't have enough time to read and don't have the books I want to read.
Last 3 books I read was:
  1. Remember Me - Sophie Kinsella
  2. Glitter Baby - Susan Elizabeth Phillips
  3. Girl in Development - Jordan Roter

What/where do you find new information about entertainment that you like?

Youtube. Facebook. Magazines. :D


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