Friday, May 21, 2010

Miss Marion

Hello all,my name is Marion St. Joan :)
I am probably the last one doing this topic..I see everyone doing lots! I am outstation right now,searching for my potential college so time is limited and tight.

Neways,let me talk about myself! I see you know my name already. I am turning 18 this year on the 18th of October (I love that line) and I am a Sabahan,Kadazan to be exact. I like doing what most teenagers like to do,go to the movies with friends,take pictures, eat food. I'm pretty normal I guess.

So the best thing about being youth today eh? I think that we have alot to be lucky about like the technologies these days (computers,cameras,tv etc.) and the FOOD. Although I still love junk food but old cultural food like Hinava is the best. Omnomnomnom. I love durians! I love rambutans! I love mata kucing! I love apple pie :3


Take note that I can go off topic sometimes :p

I think our future depends on ourself,on how much we are willing to work for it. We wont get a good job or a million ringgit in cash just by sitting on our asses.Yay or nay?
No matter what generation,the future is always something to worry about.
I don't see myself as rebellious. Sure, I sometimes feel like resisting my parents and doing the exact opposite as everything. But I never go through all those because I love my dad and I dont want to hurt him. Youth before and now aren't very different in my opinion,it's just that we have more ways to show our rebellion. Sometimes we don't even think that we are being rebellious.

..I think.

The youths today definately have an easier life than before! My daddy told me that there was only two to three cars in a place before. And they would usually use kerbau to commute. He told me that when he was a kid,he had to wake up very early in the morning just to walk to his extremely far school.

My biggest fear.
My biggest fear in the world is being alone and losing my family.

What makes me happy? Hmm :)
Rum n' Raisin ice cream haha! Dancing with Mowski Kowski (my group of dancers and close friends) makes me happy,just being with them does the trick. People talking to me makes me happy. Food makes me happy. Laughing makes me happy.

Alot of things makes me happy,I'm rarely angry.

Losing my mom to cancer when I was 10 was very difficult. I sometimes wonder what it will be like if she was still here. I wish I had her to listen to teach me how to be a girl,do make up, buy clothes or I have a stepmom and I love her but its not the same.
This experience taught me that the people you love will be gone one day and you have to appreciate them,no matter how annoying they may seem at times.
Also,live your life fully instead of just sitting and watching things go by. There are so much things that we don't know.

Both family and friends are important to me. Of course family is the first priority but I need my friends too,else I would go crazy. Never a point my life where I had to choose between them and thats how I like it.

Okay,I think thats enough about me :B


  1. im turning 18 this october too! ;)

  2. love the picture.
    I'm so forcing my younger sis to take a picture of me like that too lol