Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 4: Money, Money, Money! I'm lovin' it ;)

Money! Yesss, this is a topic I can relate to! :D Money is the numero uno in a teen's life. If you ask any self-respecting teen out there what's the most important thing in his or her life, its MONEY! If you ask them, what's the one thing you wish you could have the most of? They'd say money! Basically, a teen's life revolves around money, and to myself, money is crucial to my very survival! You may think I'm being absolutely melodramatic and being a drama king over this, but its true! Money's what makes the world go round , be it in the business sector, technological sector, economic sector or even education sector. Without those green dollar bills that everyone crave for, the world would come to a complete halt and nothing will get done. The greens and moohlah is what get's people going! :)

Yes I look like that sometimes! :P It's very tragic. The tale of a poor boy who only wanted green sheets of paper. Is that too much to ask for? :D

As a student, if you ask me about my source of income, I'm very sorry to inform you that I still take a allowance from my dear parents :D Nevertheless I still do try to lessen my parent's financial burden by working for my dad's company as an office helper during the holidays. That way, I can afford all my whims and fancies without burdening my mum and dad's wallets! I'm sure going out to work during the holidays is something every teen does to get the extra cash. Anyway, moving on, I've also been asked to talk about my spending pattern! Do I splurge out my cash all at one go or do I save up? Well, lets see, you could say I'm a pretty conservative guy when it comes to spending and I really think about the purchase before I march up to the cashier & give away my hard earned cash! So, you could say, I'm a conservative spender, I'm not one of those shopaholics with an impulsive habit to take cash out of their wallet like rolling toilet paper! :P

To my generation, work ethics doesn't seem to be so much of an issue because as youngsters, we believe that expression in thought and creativity when doing work is what makes a job enjoyable. Simply said, we have work ethics but not always! However, being hardworking on the job is definitely something everyone needs to have. We all know very well that being persistent and hardworking during work hours is the golden rule, but some of us just don't have the willpower to do it.

In the current economic climate, I feel everyone has to do their part in saving up and preventing further damage to the economy and resulting in inflation. The world is already suffering enough in this current state of economy, we don't need to make it any worse, people! :( To my family and I, the current economic situation hasn't taken much of a toll yet. However, we foresee it to, with my brothers and I growing up and my parents having to save up for our education. Yes, life's tough nowadays. But I'm sure we'll get through it all! (I told you I'm optimistic :D) Laslt, I;ve been asked to list 3 of the coolest jobs and 3 of the least coolest jobs.


1. A safari adventurer on Animal Planet

Ever heard of The Crocodile Hunter? Yeah, I'd say his job is a pretty cool job! Aside form the fact of course that he passed away on the job :S May God bless his poor soul :( But come on guys, you really gotta hand it to him, his job is pretty cool. He faces danger in the eye practically everyday with reptiles creeping all over him. ROCK ON CROCODILE HUNTER!

2. Movie director of Hollywood blockbusters
YOU watch these fantastic Hollywood blockbusters day in day out and gawp at the special effects the producrs of the movie put in to make the movie a hit! Don't you just wish you could be part of it all?

3. Food Critic
In a nut shell, I just love food! So, as a food critic, it just gives me a reason to travel the world and comment on people's food and stuff myself to death. :D Time to put on my stretchable elastic eating pants :D


1. Rubbish collector
2. Clerk at a boring firm :(
3. Construction worker

The jobs just say it all, there's no need for explanation I guess :D
Well, that's all I have to say for tonight! Good night YouthSays citizens! Kaelan out!
P/S: Don't be a stranger la. Say hi to poor Kaelan. :( I really don't mind to get to know some of yall :D


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