Monday, May 31, 2010

My Friends as if a Big Family of Mine :-)

~The B706 - The Beginning of All Sweet Memories~

This is where everything started. This is where we encountered our fate with each other and this is where we deepen our bonds or even established a bond with new people. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you the B706~~~!!! By the way,the no entry label in front of the door was obtained from Mid Valley Megamall's Fashion Week Campaign and what the label say is "No Entry, Unless You're Fashionable".

~Family Members of the B706~

And....Here's the most awaiting list of members of the B706 that's approved by me~ (seriously)

Nizam and Zaid: Both of them are my classmates who come from northern Malaysia,and so,they share the same accent with me~ Nizam and I always exchange movies since he downloaded quite a number of movies and Zaid often shows an image of Mr. All-Know~
They are pretty funny guys though Nizam only hang out with us mostly during first sem and even Zaid was actually not accepted by most of the members in first sem for his All-Know attitude and one more conflict with laptop,but he's well accepted during second semester and becomes one of the incomplete-if-not-present member~ Well done Zaid~ Huhu~

Razwan (aka Juwe or Faizal Tahir PASUM version): He's from another class but his room is near to the B706 (Our Loafing Room).He's from ASIS and living in KL and love to look for publicity in various ways (including spaghetti!)~ hua3 You can see that from his very own picture itself~ ;P He looks like Faizal Tahir in the eyes of PASUM students,and so that's how he got that label~ He's one of PASUM's 4-flatters and shows an image of an artist among his peers and love Dato' Siti Nurhaliza so much. Owh, he's also an Indon fanatic and always tries to speak other accents though every time he didn't make it very well~ Try again juwe (Razwan in kelate)~

Malin (aka Zulshamalin) & Pokmie (aka Suhaimi) : Both are from Terengganu Darul Iman. They are room mates and happened to befriend since primary school. Quite a nostalgic pair of friends, aren't them? Malin shows more of a religious guy image while Pokmie shows an image of a guy who is addicted to games,computer and anime when I first saw them~ huhu~ Because of Pokmie's interest which is very similar to me, we always end up talking about that stuff all the time~ Huhu~

Chai (aka Syahir): He is a class mate of mine and he's currently living in KL. Previously during his childhood,he was living in Kelantan,and that's how he got that accents. He also can speak Mandarin fluently due to his past education in a Chinese school.He shows an image of Amah(maid) to me~ hehe He has done well in PASUM from C+ in midsem for sem1 to 4 flat in final sem2 and I really respect him for that level up~ congratz amah~ XD

Acap (aka Asyraf): The only guy from physical stream in our circle. He lives beside the b706 (b707) and that's why he always hang out in the b706. I know very little about him.He's from Kelantan and quite a care-free guy when he sometimes can show unexpected response to some of our gedix(sort of bitchy like attitude) action, hahaha~

Paka (aka Zulfakar): Another classmates~ He's from Kelantan and he had been learning at religious school from childhood(same with me),nevertheless, none of religious image is shown by him~He loves to molest people during his sleep,which is why nobody can scold him for that! He's also a pro in digging
others secret! Beware if you happen to meet him, wakakakaka~!

Mad (aka Mamat): He's from KL. Not a classmate of mine,but he's one of the earliest friend that I had made during the early time at PASUM and due to that,initially,we often sit together in the DKU (Main Lecture Hall) with my other friends (not of the B706 members). Since he's classmate with Zuhe and Anis,that's why he often visited the B706,and that's how he became apart of us (though not consistently like Nizam). He's a guy that gives an aura of being hot or so was described by my friend and his reddish burning lips always catch attention from our camera man and every attempts to snap that lips were futile since he always avoids it. Not to mention that he's also so blur to most of our gedix conversation making him less associate with us but when it was time for movies or even tutorials,he was always there~ (Apip, don't you dare to give weird comments based on my intro for mamat!)

Den (aka Daniel) and Anis: They are best friends forevah~ Right Den? Muahaha. Daniel is such a person who's fashionista, shopaholic,and loves to take care of his lovely skin. Hahaha.Despite that,he's also a core member of the B706 since he's the one who supported laptop to us during our final semester exam and so,we're able to edit photos and all karaoke,movie,bla2 can be done~ Huhu~ But that wasn't all of the reasons why he's a part of us. Anis on the other side is a loser (in his own way~ ;P) guy who's so funny that his presence always feels the air with laughter and happy tears~ Huhu~ Both of them are from Perak though at different districts.

Mubarack Mamza (aka Barak): Hey,quite a familiar guy,don't you guys think so? Haha,this is indeed myself! Well,I'll be telling how my existence is something irreplaceable to them,without me,they are incomplete~! Wahahaha,such an exaggeration~ Well,I'm imaged as a witch initially by Razwan,and in the end,the rest followed to call me that sometimes >.< Afif's description for me in his FB is that I'm a witch witch over reacted response and super funny voice! Well, I can't scold him for being envy to me for my Celine-Dion-like voice now,can I?

Apip (aka Afif): He's considered as the founder of our group the b706,since all of us started to meet and befriend with each other at his room~ His tolerance towards our havoc meeting each time at his room and his willingness to make his room as our second home,second cinema,second karaoke box, second party side, second to almost everything that's apart of our life! Not to mention his bitchiness as well all the time,hahaha~! He's so thin that Anis sometimes compares him to our skeleton model in Biology lab as a laughably joke~! By the way, he's also from ASIS (like Razwan,Faiz,Pokmie,and Syakeer) and a johorian. Sometimes,he tried to use northern accents' onomatopoeia like "noh" and like Razwan, he FAILED! Hahaha~ As for other accents, he managed to speak them quite well,but I'm not other accents' user,how should I validate it? Huhu He's a good friend to almost everybody in this group unlike me (there's some people that I'm not too close with yet as of even now) which is another reason why he's considerable for the post 'The B706 Founder'~ ;) Owh,and he's also my class mate~ XD

Zuhe (aka Zuhair): He's Afif's room mate which makes him a potential person for 'The B706 Founder' post,but since he lack the gedix characteristic,that's a point loss for him,wakakaka~ He's from Shah Alam and due to his house being close to UM, when he held a ceremony at his house,he generously invited us to his house and all of us went~ Thanks for all delicious foods at that time Zuhe~ He also often do revision almost all the time when we visited his room and sometimes,he went to study at the neighbour room for the sake of silence environment since the B706 was such a havoc room! Hahaha~! I'll say that he's the group U representative in the B706 since aside from the B706 consisted of most of class R1 members,there's also 4 class U1 members (Zuhe, Anis,Malin,Mad) and 1 class U3 member (Razwan) and that concludes for about one third of the B706 members~!!!

Udon (Japanese noodle) (aka Amir): He's one of the earliest member of the B706 since his room is very close to the B706 (not as close as Razwan's and Pokmie&Malin's). He's also from a religious school (including Paka and me) and just like Paka,he shows no sign of originating from that kind of school every so often~ Hahaha~ He's a very good friend indeed to me and sometimes,he does have a laser mouth which can easily laser others feeling down to ash! Despite that,he'll amend for it when he becomes a good listener of yours when you have problems. He loves to dig for others secrets and he believe that he's a good secret keeper since so many had come to consult on him of their secrets (including me) and so far,he has never break others' secret to a single soul on this earth! (really? I'm not so sure about that,hahaha~). Anyway, like Pokmie&Malin pair,he's also from Terengganu~ We were told by him that his personality is so different from his school time personality till his friend won't believe a story about he going out for shopping at town when that friend of his was told by his sister. Well,in a lot of way,he's similar to me like how his personality has changed when he was at PASUM and he was able to be his true self (or true colour/nature) when he's with us. Owh,one more thing,he loves Harry Potter so much that his vocabulary for English is so much better than mine (Harry Potter is well known for luxurious style of language in it,thanks to J.K. Rowling~). He even plans to take B.Ed. in TESL for his tertiary education~

Paiz (aka Faiz): He's also a classmate of mine and ASIS student,so he and apip had already known each other from the school time,and that's explained to me why he's so close to Apip during the early time of PASUM. He's also from Johor,but different district from Apip and quite far as the journey will take 1 hour. He's the most cheerful person in our group, I supposed since he smiles almost all the time and you can see that as well from his picture here~ He's friendly to all of the B706 members especially Zuhe since most of the time he came to the B706,he'll look for Zuhe~ Huhu~ He's also a very sensitive guy because when it was the time for everyone to part their own way,he often cried indistinctly and even when we were karaoke-ing for the Parting Party and a sad song was played,he was so touched that he wasn't able to withstand the tears from flowing out of his gorgeous eyes~ Hahaha~

And Finally,I present you,

Shark (aka Syakeer): He's the only member of the B706 that I have personally approved who was not a student at PASUM,instead,he was a student from Centre for Foundation Studies IIUM (International Islamic University Malaysia) at Nilai campus (for arts students) and he was attending Foundation in Law at there. So,why did I approve him despite his so obvious different background from most of us the B706 members (All of us except him to be exact)? Well, it was because he often visited Apip and other the B706 members who were from ASIS as he himself was a student from there. When he visited Apip and the gang here,he took his time to know all of us members of the B706 (perhaps not all,but mostly) and he was well accepted and treated equally by us even though his visit wasn't that so frequent. Well, he's a good friend of mine and we became closer especially recently when I chat with him via YM till late night (till dawn honestly,huhu~).He's similar to Den in term of fashionista and shopaholic, and in fact,he's the one who helped me doing this blogging project for Day 7:Entertainment aside from Afif who totally helped me for Day 9: Brand. He's very friendly and easy to get along well with in such a short time,and honestly, I'm not so easy to become close to somebody in a short period,huhu~ He's also very ambitious when I heard him telling me that he plan to do double degree in Law and Business Administration (yes,for a double period of study) but probably will not since the time needed is too long, and he told me all of this when we were sharing our ambition with each other in our talk to dawn~ Huhu~

So,those are all members of the B706. I have never felt so happy befriended with people and become my true self before I met them, and hereby I'm most proud to say that YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!! I wish that we can reunite in the future for the sake of tightening our bondship, and thank you again for being my friend at PASUM~!

~Number Facts on the B706 Family~

This is specially dedicated to my friends in a way that only I,as math freak, can present it~!

Number | Total number of family members of the B706 which is for:
  1. 17 - All.
  2. 16 - PASUM students. (All except Shark)
  3. 11 - those from all type SBP (SBPI etc) and MRSM (Apip,Paiz,Nizam,Zaid,Den,Mad,Juwe,Shark,Cai, and Malin)
  4. 11 - those who came from West Malaysia (Apip,Paiz,Nizam,Zaid,Anis,Den,Mad,Juwe,Zuer,Shark and me)
  5. 8 - R1 group. (Apip,Paiz,Nizam,Zaid,Udon,Paka,Cai and me)
  6. 6 - those who came from East Malaysia. (Paka,Udon,Acap,Malin,Pokmie and Cai)
  7. 6 - those from non-boarding school. (Anis,Paka,Udon,Zuer,Acap and me)
  8. 5 - U group. (Zuer,Anis,Mad,Malin,and Juwe)
  9. 4 - U1 group. (Zuer,Anis,Mad,Malin,and Juwe)
  10. 4 - ex-ASIS Students (Apip,Paiz,Pokmie and Juwe)
  11. 3 -from religious school. (Paka,Udon and me)
  12. 1 - IIUM Foundation Student (Shark)

Well,that's all for this part,more will come and this post is going to be updated when I can think of any other extra number facts for the B706 Family~ Till then,cya~

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