Thursday, May 20, 2010

Of ambition and success

How do I define a successful person??

Someone who is happy. (sorry Nur Afiqah, but great minds think alike)

Happiness, like an identity, is essential for a person.
Why do we see so many people committing suicide nowadays? Because they fail to find happiness.

So yeah, as long as you’re lovin what you’re doing, you’re successful to me :)

Who do I look up to?
Honestly now, Paris Hilton.

OKAY, okay, before I get comments about how bimbotic or slutty she is, hear me out.( screw you hatters)
(btw, Microsoft words doesn’t recognize the word bim
botic and keeps on changing it to bombastic .lol)

-she’s represented New York’s Ford model and London’s
much acclaimed Models 1 agency working with brands like Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, and Christian Dior
-at just 21, Fox Entertainment did a reality TV series on
her which lasted 5 seasons
-she was nominated twice for the MTV Movie awards for her role in The House of Wax

-she released her own brand name – Hilton, that has perfume for both women and men
-Forbes magazine printed that Paris earned a sum of $
2 million in her initial year to $6.5 million and then going on to $7 million in the year 2005-6.
- She had her 1st music album released in 2006. The song ‘Stars are blind” reached number 6 on Billboard 200. She then went on to release the singles like "stars are blind" "turn it up" and "nothing in this world" which received a lot of appreciation, reaching the 19 th position in the Billboard Top 100.

And just so you know, she achieved all of this while there were so many controversies about her sparkling up. I think the most famous one that we all know about is her sex video that her ex-boyfriend Rick Salmon released in 2003. (that bastard)

The great thing about Paris is that through all this downfalls, she can rise up and face the world, and show them that they were wrong about all the allegations made towards her. So I don’t know about you. But to me, Paris Hilton has got the balls! (not literally lah)

Oh and btw, the sex video of Paris received three AVN Awards in 2005, including "Best Selling Title of the Year".


Remember when we were in middle school and we'd have to fill up this form of what we'd want to work as when we grew elder?

Though I was a fickle minded child, my *i-want-to-work-as-when-i-grow-up* list remained unchanged right up till high school.
I have to say, dad and mom were glad that I could make my mind up about at least one thing.

So what is it that I wanted to become so badly?

Miss Universe.

And hopefully I'd blow the judges away with my incredible talents and personality that they'd cancel Miss Universe for all the coming years because they wanted me to remain with the title until I died. Well of course after I died, they could reopen the competition once again.

I wanted to be

An Air Stewardess.

Why? Because.. urm... Who doesn't want to?

I actually still have this occupation in mind. My grandma has a thing for asking me every now and then if i still wanted to work with Malaysian Airlines.

"Yup, Daddy says i can work for them after I've completed my degree"
"Oh.. then I have some advice for you"
"What is it?"
"Don't join Malaysian Airlines, their uniform not nice one, Join Cathay Pacific, the colar is V shape one, can see your collar bone, very sexy"

Most of the time, I'd leave the 3rd choice out. I was POSITIVE that I'd turn out to be either Miss Universe or a stewardess, or
maybe even BOTH!

Now I'm 19 and I still ask myself what do I want to be. And compared to when I'm 7, I'm way more unsure now.

I guess I'll just go with the flow.

Thanks For reading.
With Love,

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