Sunday, May 23, 2010

~of money and career~

hey there we meet again,
i totally love this topic, why? because i totally love money haha.

so dear readers these are my thoughts about money and career

check it out!




well, dont give me those weird sarcastic looks, i know all of you feel the same way to but just wouldnt admit haha.. herm.. let me see, what makes money so important?

the first reason is because, now, everything needs money, i mean you cant go buying things without money can you ? where did you think the word "buying" came from? haha soo. money provides me with my everyday supplies i.e food, clothes, water, and of course internet!

but the main reason is ,
i guess, money is the source of power for everyone, when you have money you have all the power in the world, you could manage funds for those in need or you could establish organisations to help the less fortunate.. but then again with money, off course, you could be corrupted at the same time. with the wrong usage, the crime rates will increase too. so it actually depends on you yourself, whether you choose to help or to ruin others.

"remember with great money comes great responsibilities"



well, currently i'm under a scholarship from the ministry of defense so yeah, i get my money from the taxes your parents pay. hahaha.. but dont worry i will try to use it in the bestest way .
about part time jobs, i did actually have 3 part time jobs before, i was once a salesperson in a optical shop. so i sell spectacles and bla bla bla.. and believe me, i have the best knowledge on sunglasses, if someone bought a spectacle from petaling street and claims it to be original, believe me, i could spot the flaw the moment i see it . ahahhahahahaha dont believe so? try me. hahaha

then after a month at the optometrist, i actually lectured in one of the british council intstitute,it wasnt that hard, i got the job base on luck. i was specialized on public speaking skills, it was fun to be able to help our young boys and girls to polish their speaking skills..:) then i unbelievably decided to make a really weird turn in my "part-time career" life, i went back to my hometown in kedah and badaboom, i became a humble labour at one of my dad's cornfield. hahaha... ya i know, its such a big turn, but wth, its fun too. haha


i usually save up, i believe that to do something we must plan well, especially in the financial aspect. when you save, you dont get too obsessed about what you want. and in the end of the day, you get what you want and still have a stable financial state. usually, what you want is not what you need..anyways, saving is a very good "exercise" for us to control our animal urge on shopping and spending our money . haha


i believe that work ethics is truly an important issue when we are at work, i say, that people who do not have ethics do not have personality. when you have ethics and guidelines, you tend to be more vigilant in doing your work. ethics also help you to excel in our job prospect. with ethics we become more, punctual, enthusiastic and most importantly serious..

hardwork in the other hand seems to be an element that people always emphasize in anything you do and yes, i agree with the fundamentals of hardwork. i believe that when you work hard, you are more focused and your work would be done according to its requirements. a guy who works hard would definitely be better than those who dont and thats a proven fact!


Well, i guess everyone is aware that our country is currently in a big economic crisis. everywhere we have problems regarding financial issues. after some "amature" research i have done for debate, i found out that the reason for this to happen is because the government had actually given too many tax reliefs and subsidies. in the end of the day, there is not enough money to roll in again to maintain our economic burden, thus, we have something that we call financial deficit.. which means the expenditure is more than the income.

due to this recession, i do have some problems faced by my friends. the quota for the government scholarship have been reduced . its really clear with only 1500 JPA scholar holders overseas compared to 3000 during the previous years (please correct my errors). even for the special military of defense scholarship has been reduced tremendously, with over 30 scholars for the past 2 years, they reduced the amount of scholars to 11 people ONLY!. and that is even after the side of the sponsors pulled some strings in the ministry of education..

i guess if this situation continue, yes, definitely my future planning would be interrupted and no longer be feasible. lets just hope we have someone like Tun Mahathir in the future to straighten things up..:)



they get to travel around the world with high salary and their job is just that easy. i mean, all you have to do is take off, fly for about 20 minutes and then just set it on autopilot. then you would doze off on your cockpit bed and the next thing you know is that your way over in america just worrying to land. haha (believe me , my father was a pilot too)


ok, the moment you read this i know, most of you would be nodding agreeing with me. i mean, how can you ever defy that being an astronaut is not cool? you not only travel around the world, but around space! wow wow wow. hahaha you get high salary and man the experience you gain. but off course the drawbacks? you would have no family life.. boo-hoo


yeah yeah i know you most of you wouldnt agree,but still, if you really look into the job prospect. everyone would want to be one. i mean how cool is it when you can have a say in the parliament, having power to make a change for our people. to help the nation to a better one.. im sure, everyone dreams to affect and change peoples lives. sooo, politicians have the best say right? seriously, well payed, great power and off course fine position in the social hierarchy, you gotta join me in this one...



yes i know, they look cool. but they arent really. i mean, offcourse you get a lot of money and stuff, but what do they really do? act? sing? dance?to me it should never be considered as a job either. it should just be called a hobby.


they do help in a company's organisation, fixing meetings and reminders. making sure that their boss attends a conference and stuff. but imagine all that hard work for a average pay? come on, you wouldnt want to be working as peoples "alarm clocks" do you? i mean we do have cellphones equipped with reminders and meeting schedulers, infact i guess it does a better job with alarms and stuff haha..


well, this i refer to the normal average everyday mechanics. not the professionals which work in ferrari or so... i mean, how boring could it be, to stare at the mechanical parts of a machine? getting your shirts all dirty and greasy. with those sticky lubricants and oh not to forget the smell of the lubricants. man that is soo uncool to be working in a dirty manner hahaha


well i guess that somehow rather reps up my perspective on the work and money issue,

i hope you understand what im trying to say it may be wrong it may be right, you choose,
its just thoughts of a learning lad..

till we meet again.. [-_-]
Op uLyA aQaMaH BiN Op HuSaMuDiN

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