Sunday, May 23, 2010

i got some dream to catch~


people always say,,, success starts with dreams,,,
u dream BIG,, u r going to be BIG,,otherwise,,
if u have no dreams,, u have no future,,
the day would a long hopeless day, the night wud be a cold dark nite,,,
but with dreams,, day is filled with new adventure,,
n nite is technicolor,,,=p so much for the metaphor,,

honestly,, ive always think that to be a successful people,,, 

is by being my self,, and tries to overcome my own flawless,, 

becoz,, nobody is perfect in this life,,, n I dun intend to be that perfect people either.. For me,, all I gotta do is to defeat my self by improving to b a better me,, 
well,, I wont judge being successful by getting to stand out like the politicians,, the student’s councils at college or anytin coming from that track,, because,, some people just aren’t born to b that type of leaders and the god has HIS own way to shape up this world,, everybody has their own flawless, and their own greatness,, some are great in sports, some on the other hand great in academics and some even great at practicality,, 
can u imagine,, 
if there is such perfect people in this world,, 

then what’s the point having other people living too,,  

besides,, a perfect person means no mistakes at all,, yerp,, nada,, zilch,, not a thing! But it just cant and wont be that way,, 
we all learn from our mistakes,, and everybody,, yerp,, everybody I say,,definitely make mistakes.. 

So I vote for those who learns from their mistakes and knows how to use their advantages to b the ones that are considered as successful person,,

Well,, If that is the case.. I supposed I am not a big failure in lyfe coz for sure I av some up on my sleeves that I can be proud of..  for starter, I managed to downsize myself a bit after training myself in a serious diet,, but still a healthy one ok,, urm,, then, I think,, able to make cupcakes, caramel pudding, and homemade pizza shud be count as well,, coz I am not a great cook,, but I managed to made those fancy homemade bake only by following the recipes from the internet,, and a little bit of improvisation made by chef ME.. u guys shud taste it, they r just yummilicious and im not kidding,,just exaggerating,, hehe another success of my own,, well, I did reduced my lazyness in writing for about 70% eversince im in college,, coz truth to be told,, I am so very lazy to write essays during my school days,, my essay book always have blank pages,, not that I dun have the idea to write but most prob because I need pen and paper,, unlike now,, just fingertip and keyboard,,hehe and I also managed to control my anger,, back when I was in primary school and form 1, I am as fierce as a lioness that want to protect her cub.. well,, seriously I was like being the most strict and rigid person,, especially with boys,, but,, then I try the aroma therapeutic way to control my anger and try to shake of my rigidness or shud I say have fun a little,,  ^_^  besides that, I will never ever trust people wholeheartedly except for my family anymore,, not a trust issue here,, but just hate getting disappointed again,, especially when its abut work,, learned it from the hard way,,huhu well,, prob all my success is just silly silly things for u,, but take note of this,, because of these silly stupid things,,, well,, I got to be a more determined and respective person,, I hope I will,, <>

I cant tell you exactly how am I end up trying to be better,,, sumtym I think it’s all due to  the envy feelinks I have deep inside,, well envious is not all bad u know,,, for me,, that feelinks is what drives me to strive for more.. Sounds pretty greedy rite? Well,, that’s just how I am,, in terms of improving me,, its just my nature lifestyle I guess,, for example, I cant kept quiet when I see others studying, I just had to get my eyes on my book.. that’s the greedy envy feelinks that haunts me,, and most of the tym I can easily be inspired by someone,, in my life,,I just cudnt be lack of inspirations bcoz,, I have my whole family for inspiration and guidelines,, lets make a review,,

1. dad- I inspired his patience and his wisdom no matter whether it’s about religious view or in world view…

2.  mum- I am inspired to be a great sister, wife and mom just like her!!

3. brother- I inspired his diligence and efforts, and he got the gud boy characteristics,, if u happens to follow adamaya drama on tv3, well my brother is almost like adam,,

4. my elder sis- she inspired me to become a gud daughter and more,, she is like the sunshine in the family,, the less trouble and great achievements,,, shes got the style, the guts, the brain, the looks, and even the heart,,

5. my middle sis- well, she really inspired me to become a more sophisticated, and well dressed,, she is the no 1 in style in this family I say,, =p

6. A guy I know- mohd azarashari to be exact,, well, I really idolized him because of his pure innocent heart,, so I say,,hehe,, well I dunno,, he is just so gud to be true,, he is very brialliant,, smart,, wise,, he always learns from his mistakes,, he seldom thinks negative towards people, and he always has the courage to get tru whatever he is goin tru,, I must admit,, he will prob be a great husband someday,, a loving father and the easy going diligent co-worker,,, 

7. presents- hehe,, im not materialistic,, i dun like asking people giving me presents for nothink,, but sumhow,, since i was in primary school,, whenever teacher said that the person scored highest will get present,, i'll definitely strive and be the one who get the prizes,, i actually have collections of prizes due to dat inner desire of mine,,ahaks,, but this case only happen when its about academic,, so, sorry but NO!! im not a MATERIALISTIC gurl,,=p

last but not least.. 
the six people listed above are just those that I happen to know in my lifetym,,, but to be honest,, I will never got tired to get inspired from the stories of The Prophets,, because he is someone that God created to be able to inspire the whole world..

I got some of my own resolutions or shud I called them my ambitions,, 

the WISHLIST of mine,,

1. wanna be a better servant for HIM,
2. wanna be a better daughter for mom n dad,,,
3. wanna score at least 3.7 for my last semester and my upcoming semester in US,if i able to make it there,,,HOPEFULLY!!
4, wanna learn new facts everyday,,,
5. be more patience,, specially with my loves one..

6.going to study hard,,,
7. play tym is over,,,its tym to strive gurl,,huhu
8.someday,, i wanna be a successful lady,, that walk in NY streets,, with special paper bags from PRADA, JIMMY CHOO, LOUIS VUITTON, CHANNEL, GUCCI, and lots more with the brand new products in it,, + wearing a SOMMERSET BAY dresses,,, All bought with my own money that i've earned,,, hehe,, (if it is not in NY then be in KLCC still ok ^_^,,) <<

9. wanna be a gud wife to my hubby,, (whoever he is) i wanna cook for him,, iron his clothes and write notes in his work files,,=p

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