Sunday, May 23, 2010



Sue me for being a workaholic and money hunter,,(^_^)

Everybody never turn their back on the green rite,,??  Well,,, for me, that is not a fault at all as long as they know the limits to it,, as people say,, money cant buy happiness,, but money can contributes happiness,, for example,, my boyfriend bought me a bouquet of roses, if he didn’t have the money,, he wudnt had been able to make me feel like a princess that nyte,, feelink like im being love,, but,, here is the catch,, if he did buy me,, becoz he wants to,, becoz he has his own initiatives to make me feel happy and make that nyte memorable to me,, the fact that his heart is sincerely trying to show his love, had  approves it all,, yes,, I dun mind not having the roses,, but my heart surely melt if I get one,, even if roses not even my favorite, it didn’t even occurred in my mind that I’ll get roses,, but I do love the idea getting it,, in the other hand,, if he did buy me the roses just because he was forced to,, or he just wants to show it off,, well,, I gotta say,, that roses are going into the trash can sooner or later.. because for me, when money do the talking,, the talking is no longer a gud one,, but if money is needed to create the magical senses such as romantic, happiness, excitements and more,, then,, money is never to get blame here,, I always say to myself,, that money are essential needs in this life,, especially in this millennium,, why?? Simple!! because when I got money,, I can prepare for my future, my children’s future, my mum and dad future and for the after life,, I need money for me to go for college, I need money to support my children’s life, I need money to ensure that I able to take care of my mum n dad like they took care of me when I was little and for sure I need money so that I can buy and learn the food for the soul (religiously),, so money, money, money, COME TO ME!! =p
however, the one thing I need to remember is dat,, like any other thing, money should be in moderation and I should earned it from the rite track,, because by having too much money,, it will also contributes to the all source of evil,, mainly GREEDINESS and PRIDE… but still as long as i earned it from the rite source and use it for gudness purposes,, money is not a bad thing at all,, n i love money,, money hunny,,=p

"i wanna be a BILLIONAIRE,, so fricking bad,,
and buy all the things i never had,,,, 

Oh every time I close my eyes
I see my name in shining lights
A different city every night oh
I swear the world better prepare
For when I’m a billionaire" by Travie McCoy,, 

since in primary and secondary school,, mum and dad had given me allowance each day,, since i dun bring lunchbox to school and i do need to get on the bus to return home,, so i got allowance for that,, and from that i have been saving it up for my own future sake,, i was pretty influenced by the drama on tv, bout unfortunate people dun have money for college,, and all,, so i said to myself,, im going to save money so that i will be able to go college,, and wudnt had to burden my mum n dad bout this matter so much,, but,, well that just baby talk,, but yerp,, from that everyday allowance money and money i got occasionally,, especially hari raya,, the money ive been saving up is more than 1000++ and i was quite impressive by that myself,, i used to hide the money at many hidden places inside the house,, so that i wont be falling for the temptation of spending the money,, however,, i do need to search all over the house for that money of mine everytym i wanna do some account auditing,,haha
(still kept in sampul, sayang nk guna,,)
 well,, now some of the money i had used it when mum needed it,, (during the economic crisis back in 1998 like dat) i dun mind it,, because all the money are originated from mum,, and now the balanced i save it in ASB,, even now,, dad still giving me allowance every month,, as i am studying in college,, so he gave me the money to pay the house rent, the college fees and so forth,, but during my short sem,, i did a part tym as a cashier at carrefour nearby my study place,, in Bukit Jalil,, and earned lot of money,,sort of,, for college student like me,, 700++ per month is already much! it was pretty tiring,, but its worth it and i supposed i love working there as it helps me escaping from the stress of my daily students life,, i mean,, sumtym,, i got some personal issues with my housemates and all so four hours meddling with customers, supervisors, co-workers, rollers, money, and tyming,, well its a whole new environment that gives me no tym to think of other things,, its my escape wonderland i say.. but on long semester i cant continue my part tym job,, since for me,, yeah,, even though the money is sumting that can WOW me,, but my education is much more beyond IMPORTANT,, so i need to take it slow for a while and focus for my final semester,, its for my future sake i tell ya,, 

hurm,, i may be anak manja-the apple of my dad and mum eyes,,like this;

 but NOPE!,, i dun get things so easily,, not because mum and dad dun allow me too,, but its more becoz,, whenever i go to the mall and shopping complexes,, any shoes, shirts, blouses that i touched and was fallen in love for it, for it is very nice,, always the price are SO MUCH NICER,, it makes me think,, well, do i really need this now,, i mean,, im still a student,, i dun need an ESPRIT shirt or an APPLEMINTS jeans each tym i wanna walk into the lecture hall rite,, even though i do have some of that brand which i bought when its for sale with 50-70% price cut,,hehe so thanks to the 

so i prefer to control my shopaholic instincts,,and buy what im afford to buy,, well i do have passion for boots,, especially fancy ones,, but those boot dun just come below hundred,, so i keep motivating myself by saying,, "one day boot,,u r coming home with me,, only now i need some tym to think where to place u,,hehe,,," ~it really helps~ 

this is the new millennium,, where u gotta do sumtink to get sumtink,, money dun just fall from the sky like in P.Ramlee story-Ahmad Albab,, we gotta be REALLY HARDWORKING to crawl up the stairs of success,, however,, hardworking alone dont do the trick,, i mean,, if u do very hard work stealing meds or machinery to sell it,, well,, no matter what reason u have the hard work u r doing,, still ethically wrong,, and cannot be accepted,, yeah,, in this tym around,, it is hard to find a decent jobs,, but if i can be a part tym cashier,, y cant u?? for me,, if u really dun av the qualifications u can start collecting experiences fers,, n dun expect to be at the top in a blink of an eye,,nope,, no cant do!! huhu,, and those who are already at the top,, they need to stop being greedy or bully,, they shud give chance for those who are left behind,, =p

wanna speak about ECONOMIC CLIMATE??? 
well,, i dun really had a bigger picture on this yet,, becoz,, if i do,, i'll loose all my hair already,,!!! thinking bout it alone can give major headache!!
in a smaller concept,, individually,, i can see that this is not a cheap world anymore,, prices are increasing each day,, well,, in my context for example,, i am still a student,, mum and dad in Kedah,, and i study in Kl,, well,, Kedah n Kl had very huge prize difference in terms of food,,huhu,, i mean if i buy a normal nasi lemak in Kl at the price of 1.20, i actually can get two of the same nasi lemak in Kedah at that price,, huhu.. that one is nasi lemak,, dun av to ask bout daily Nasi campur menu,, i hardly can get below four ringgit unless i take rice and egg only,, huhu.. and transportation in here,, i rely more on buses becoz its cheaper,, but,, buses are hard to get,, its either the driver skipped his route,, or i was late by 5 min, that need me to wait for another half an hour (if im lucky) or an hour (if im not so lucky),, CAB?? well,, tell you what,, the fers 1 km itself is already rm 3, and the meter reading when it start to beep,,

its like my heart beating as fast as its beep to see the price on the screen,, pretty ironic huh?? well back in kedah i can get a taxi from my house to the town for only RM1.50,, dun ask me how,,its gonna be a long story to tell,, hehe well,, but sumtym,, im pretty concern of this matter,, its not because,, i need to wake up early in the morning to avoid missed the bus,, but,, its more like,, if im the moderate citizen needs to struggle,, then the less fortunate whats their story?? with the bribery cases,, i once encounter about a housing area that the gov wants to purchased and sell to the TESCO company to build a new Tesco actually,, the Tesco company pay RM22 for every foot,, but the money reached the citizen's hand who need to move out from their houses was only RM11 per foot,, where the other half?? if this case continue,, cant deny,, that the poorer will get even more poorer and the richer will be much more richer,, ironic,,  

1. DOCTOR- because they help saving people's lives,, they need to sacrifice their own quality tym just because there are people needs their specialty to have chances continue on living,, 

2. BIOTECHNOLOGIST- because i said so!! hehe JK only,, i tend to be one,, so i must think it cool if i wanna be one rite,, more importantly, its because,, biotechnologist work hard to find cure for diseases,, as we know, new diseases, viruses are haunting us,, so no biotechnologist,, we left with no people trying to save the world,, besides, biotechnology also word hard saving the earth,,!! =p

3. TEACHERS and LECTURERS- thats because its one hell of a job try to teach and guide the students,, the immature mind of the students that tend to rebellious is not a simple thing to control,, it requires techniques and patience,, LOTS OF PATIENCE,,duh,, yet what makes them cool is dat,, they keep gaining new knowledge and wont forgets the old knowledge,, 

1. MLM-multi level marketing,, this is because the concept are unacceptable,, it will always be the upper level people getting richer and all the handwork falls on the shoulder of the lower level people,, so not cool!

2. ILLEGAL BANKER- or perhaps ALONG wud be a better name,, for me this job is not cool at all,, because,, its gud that they giv people the chance to borrow money from,, but,, they usually took it violencely when it comes to hunt for their payments,, worst,, the interest they charged are sumtym beyond supernatural,,huhu

3. UNEMPLOYED- as i said before,, dun have higher education level doesnt mean u cant do anything,, the only thing stopping u is that ,, the lazyness and the non-serious character towards jobs and responsibilities are what stopping u,, so snap out of it,, and go find a job,, stop burdening ur folks for ur food,, =p