Saturday, May 22, 2010

One Nation, One Malaysia!!

1. What do you think of 1Malaysia? Please explain your answer (likes, dislikes, emotions etc) in details. What is your vision of Malaysia in the next 5 years?

1 Malaysia? A common identity for all Malaysians despite of race, religion, color or creed. "PEOPLE FIRST, PERFORMANCE NOW". I rather love the concept of it. I see the development of this concept nationwide. I feel really proud to call myself a Malaysian rather than "I'm a chinese". Really, no offense here. My vision for Malaysia in the next 5 years, would be :
  1. People from different races can live together in peace and harmony.
  2. People of various ethnics and religious united together.
  3. The is a moral and ethical society.
  4. Fair and equitable distribution of wealth of the nation in society. No longer have rich and poor people.

2. What do you think about the various races in this country? Do you think about your race or country first? Why? Do you think there is a tension between the various races in this country or not?
We are all the same. Like saying, "Duduk sama rendah, berdiri sama tinggi". Definitely country would come first! I've never ever think of races. Indeed yes, we do have tension between various races in this country. Apparently, I do thing there are tension in between multiple races but those are not really serious issues.

3. How do you think people from all over the world see Malaysia? Do you think there is a typical “Malaysian” stereotype? How would you want people to view “Malaysians” in the future?

I do think people from all over the world see Malaysia. One of the reason why I agreed with people from around the world sees Malaysia is because of Malaysian's achievements such as, Nicole Ann David (Woman's Squash No.1 Raking for 5 consecutive years since 2006 till now, 2010) and Lee Chong Wei (World No.1 Raking in Badminton sport).

Malaysian do have a typical stereotype. For example,
Like majority Malaysian do, we "Stop and Look" and afterall do nothing to help it but just watch. Let me give you a simple example, when a person go was robbed by bunch or criminals outside the bank, other people who saw and was in the scene did not chase after the criminals but walk towards the victim and ask her how the story goes and start to lecture the victim like, "Why didn't bring your father or friend when you withdraw such a big amount of money?", "Why so careless?" or just stare at her and assume she don't need help.

In the future, I would want people to view "Malaysians" as :
  • A pluralistic society that is united.
  • People help one another regardless race.
  • Society with high polish.
  • Successful in all fields of sports and games as well.

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